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    Which one chaps? Carrera Crossfuse or Oxygen S Cross

    I am totally torn, Halfords are going to let me have a 30 min test drive for a penny, Wilco who stock the oxygen said I have to buy the bike in full and I can have a test drive however if I don’t want the bike I will have to buy 2 tyres to replace the ones on there!!! The guy at halford said...
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    The New 2012 Xipi

    Xipi comuter Stealth 1,500 watt NEW FOR 2012 15AH Battery | eBay What is peoples opinions on the new Xipi, looks a beauty, but the price is astronomical, think perhaps they need to start doing 12 months interest free payment scheme, as that is a lot of cash
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    What make of bike is this?

    Electric Bike | eBay Seems a bit weird as he wont say what make it is, only that he says it is better than a Wisper
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    Merida MATTS Pro-D bike Excellent price for adding a kit

    Anyone who likes to add kits to MTB, a big reduction on a very nice MTB Merida Matts Pro-D Bike 2011 Model 18" Only | Merida Mountain Bikes | Merlin Cycles Specification: Frame: Matts Alloy Forks:RST Gila ML 100mm Front & Rear Derailleurs: Alivio 27 speed Gear levers: Alivio...
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    Hi Guys My Mother recently bought a new Powabyke, she is really thrilled with it (she is 70 so anything faster than 5MPH was going to be ok) I tried it and found it's hill climbing abilty really poor, and could not make it up a hill with me on without a lot of input from me, but I do weigh...
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    Major Momentum New Supplier on Ebay

    Power Assisted Electric Bicycles | eBay My very limited knowledge in this field may be incorrect, but these guys look like they have had a big shipment of bikes from China and have come to market with them, though they are using 8fun motors, and reckon they have been in the market since...
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    Fast4ward Bikes

    Hi Can I ask members views on these bikes as a new company on ebay has just put a load of ex-display ones on ebay. heroeco | eBay
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    Kalkhoff Pro Connect Disc 2011 e-series Electric Bicycle on Ebay

    Kalkhoff on ebay It seems these are very well regarded, and damn expensive, just noticed this listed today... Too far away for me and I dont bid on auctions with reserve prices, kind off defeats the point of an auction (in my mind anyway) Kalkhoff Pro Connect Disc 2011 e-series Electric...