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    Various motors, controllers and other bits

    All following are 36V. Motors; Tongxin 36v, 260RPM 36H narrow (80mm wide), ex Jerrysimon, as new, now built into 26" wheel £100 350W MAC , 10T (250rpm) from Cell Man. Well used but going well, built into 700c wheel, rim is worn out (split) - offers Bafang BPM code 12 Rear Motor (Sensorless...
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    36V 20Ah Ping Battery

    My old Ping battery, now surplus to requirements after my new build. Purchased new from Ping for around £400 in December 2010. Used on my 32 mile daily commute to the office and back, recharged every evening, just under 300 charges. Last used 11 July. I have noticed no deterioration in...
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    36V 250W Bafang SWXK in Rigida Zac 2000 front 700C rim

    Purchased new from Alan Reaburn in September last year for £125. Only used a few times, no more than 200 miles, in perfect order. Hall wires present, but I used with sensorless controller. £75 plus delivery (£8) or collect from Birmingham.
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    In praise of Lee Ping (Ping Battery)

    Long story, try to keep it brief. I wanted a 36V 20Ah battery. I also wanted to deal with a range issue I had with an old Ping battery I had bought secondhand from the classifieds here. I emailed Ping and was immediately impressed by the quality and speed of his response, the clarity of...
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    Damaged Ping Battery - was 36V, could be 24V?

    New, but damaged 36V 20Ah Ping for sale. As per my thread on the main forum, Ping has supplied me with a replacement and what is left of the original is available. It is all there with two damaged cells. Ping says "Regarding the damaged pack, if you'd like to modify it into a 24v20ah pack...
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    The end of 'Cycle to Work'

    From Daniel Barnett's legal update The European Court of Justice has ruled that (most) benefits provided to employees under salary sacrifice schemes are VATable. Salary sacrifice schemes are enormously popular, not only the £10 retail voucher scheme operated by Astra Zeneca which led to the...