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    Kalkoff Agattu vs. Tasman vs. Pro Connect

    I've been riding a standard ProConnect for about 8 months and would have to agree that the ride is a little harsh. I've fitted a Cane Creek suspension seat post which helps with the rear, but my hands and arms get a bit sore over my 30 mile round trip commute. In retrospect, the Agattu or...
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    ProConnect S arrives damaged !

    I live in the US and ordered the ProConnect from 50Cycles last year. The box arrived (via DHL) in mangled condition and the bike had damage as a result. 50Cycles did send replacements for the damage parts immediately. It looks like they save the boxes and re-ship in the original box. The...
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    ProConnect S owners- Need help.

    I have a ProConnect (non-S) and live in the US. I had to purchase the UK to US adaptor ($15) - a disappointment on a bike costing this much - but it does charge up and extinguish all lights after 5 or 6 hours. Be patient. The charge will complete.
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    New electric bike promises 20mph to speed!

    I have seen this A2B bike in a local shop in Portland, OR. While it appears to be a quality piece, it is VERY heavy. I can't imagine peddling this very far without assist. If a scooter is a 1 and an un-powered bike is a 10, this A2B is a 2 or 3 (very scooter-like). This may be a good option...