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    Best security locks?

    Just about to take delivery of my first ebike. What does everyone recommend for security locks. I'm looking for something which is not too have so can be carried in a backpack. Do you leave the battery attached or take with you? Richard
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    Which display?

    There are several options available when ordering a Bafang BBS kit but can someone point me to a description on the operation and functions of each please?
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    Buying 2nd hand.

    When buying 2nd hand how can you tell the condition of the battery? How long do they last? The bike I'm looking at is a 2017 model and has done about 3000 miles for commuting. Richard
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    Where would you recommend buying e-conversion kits from?

    Considering a Bafang BBS01/02. Would you buy from a UK supplier or overseas suppliers such as AliiExpress, PWSPower or Chinese Ebayers. At the moment the UK appears to have no stock of motors or batteries. But offshore suppliers are around 7-10 days. If you buy from say PSWPower is it really...
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    Newbie considering an e-conversion. But what.

    Being close to 70 and the old leg muscles on the decline I would like to convert my 2016 Cube Nature to electric. I've spent many an hour reading numerous reviews, websites and forums and I'm still a tad unsure what type of kit to go with. I'm 6'-1" tall and weigh 96kgs. My typical ride is...