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  1. Jonah

    Brompton with Sparticle Extreme Kit

    Yes, sorry it was sold in 2019.
  2. Jonah

    KT Controller for Xiongda YTW-06?

    Standard LCD5 display.
  3. Jonah

    KT Controller for Xiongda YTW-06?

    I got mine from Xiongda direct (with the motor a few years ago), here’s a picture.
  4. Jonah

    Hello from Devon

    Lots of us ebikers in Devon. Welcome.
  5. Jonah

    To fit hatchback

    Look for the lightest bikes you can find. Try to borrow a full size bike (neighbour?) if you don’t have one and try fitting it in with front wheel removed. It will probably fit and two shouldn’t be a problem with the seats down. Some Greenlanes can be quite rough so you’ll need suitable tyres...
  6. Jonah

    Recommendations for 6ft 5 rider - woosh or Wisper or something else?

    Orbea Gains are also available with flat bars. Their assist and range is considerably less than many other bikes, but if it’s enough for what you need then they are a nice light weight option.
  7. Jonah

    Tyre comparison.

    I too found the grip very poor so no longer use. I currently use Schwalbe G-Ones. Not as puncture proof but good grip and free rolling.
  8. Jonah

    Kalkhoff Sahel

    In my experience the Impulse 1 motor was also not immune from problems. Specifically malfunctioning of the internal torque sensor leading to a significant reduction in levels of assist. I loved the look of the Sahels, and there was much to like about the bike. I bought 10 for my business but...
  9. Jonah

    Woosh Rambletta

    The time has come to once again consider the purchase a a couple of folding bikes. Can I just check a couple of things about the 2021 Rambletta. 1. Is it just a front disk brake as in picture? If so, is there a reason for not having a rear disk brake? 2. What motor is used? 3. I think it’s a...
  10. Jonah

    Electric Bike for light touring - and Halfords

    I must admit that I’m tempted by Fazua based bikes but when I weigh things up I really don’t think I can improve on the solution I currently have. Decent steel tourer fitted with a lightweight rear hub hub motor. I have quite a big battery in a frame bag, because I sometimes want to go long...
  11. Jonah

    Peugeot City Electric Bike

    Digging around on the web it seems likely the battery will be 8ah (288wh). Although the Panasonic motor is one of the most economical with battery use, the range will probably be limited to distances under 30 miles. How you use the 3 levels of assist will have a big impact on the achievable...
  12. Jonah

    Peugeot City Electric Bike

    If it’s only 4 years old I assume it will be the 36v Panasonic system rather than the earlier 25v system. Do you know the battery spec? I found the original 25v system very smooth (I don’t recall any surging) but was a bit weak on hills. I concur with vfr400, if you and your riding area fit the...
  13. Jonah

    Woosh AIKEMA 85SXC 36V 250W REAR HUB KIT

    I have this motor on my bike, albeit with a different controller / battery. I would say the motor is very quiet and resistance is very little (unnoticeable). I’ve completed over 1000 miles and am very happy with it.
  14. Jonah

    KTM E-Style P .

    I’m fairly sure I tried changing the wheel size when I had one of these. It messes up the speedo (as you would expect) but didn’t increase the limit.
  15. Jonah

    Help! Lightweight fold up bike

    Depends on how mini the motor home is. The smaller it is, the more important the folded size of the bike is. If you need smallest fold, difficult to beat the Brompton. If a larger fold is acceptable, there is lots more choice. Woosh Rambletta is probably better than most.
  16. Jonah

    Aikema 85SX

    Today I completed the first 1000 miles on this motor. I’m really very pleased with it. The longest ride I’ve done is about 50 miles. Completed some quite serious off road journeys in deep mud (not much fun) but mostly on road and reasonable tracks. One fully loaded bike packing adventure on...
  17. Jonah

    New Member
  18. Jonah

    Help & advice sought about a folding e-bike to recommend including the Ezego Fold?

    Ezego are a new company (2019) so not much known about them. Bike appears reasonably well specified to me. As you say, support of LBS a definite advantage. I personally don’t like the battery at the back but many bikes are like that.
  19. Jonah

    Help & advice sought about a folding e-bike to recommend including the Ezego Fold?

    Not sure about current availability but one if the best value folders around is the Woosh Rambletta
  20. Jonah

    Swytch Kit Hasn't Arrived

    I don’t know about the current shipments but I bought a kit in an earlier campaign (about 2 years ago) and it was delayed several times and arrived significantly late. However, at that time there were no additional taxes to pay and Swytch did provide reasonable updates on progress. When the kit...