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    On my Haibike 1.5 Sduro Hard 7 (yes what a daft name) I got a dreaded puncture yesterday. What is the best option to help prevent this again please as it was a fast one and I had to stop every mile or so to pump up? On my old, non eBike, I had some sort of puncture resistant thing fitted and...
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    Carrera Vulcan vs Haibike Sdury HardSeven 1.5 vs ???

    I've now more or less given up on getting a Cube Reaction Pro 625 - they're just so difficult to get hold of so am off to my LBS tomorrow to try a HAIBIKE SDURO HardSeven 1.5 which looks OK-ish but not quite the Cube I was hoping. Can anyone advise for or against please? Also considering a...
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    Help! Cube or Scott

    Hi, Due to cancer, and specifically a met in the brain I can no longer drive. I've tried a Cube Reaction 2019 for a day in the New Forest and really loved it, felt like I was all fine so I trying to find one in probably the worst time ever for buying an eBike as everyone wants one. Because of...