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  1. falmouthtony

    Cube SUV Race 500 2017 - with nu-vinci hub

    Just pondering Seen one of these .... shop soiled at £1000 less than rrp. The idea of the nu vinci continuously variable shifting with the belt drive kind of appeals to me for tarmac riding on our hilly lanes with the 75nm CX motor and 500w battery. The big advantage appears to be lack of...
  2. falmouthtony

    £420 For a new Bosch 400w frame battery

    Seems a good price for a new spare battery. Free postage from the UK.
  3. falmouthtony

    Stolen Bikes
  4. falmouthtony

    Ezee Conversion on Specialized Globe Pro - 58cm Frame

    PHOTOS ON THIS LINK: Ezee conversion based on large 58cm frame (I’m 6ft and it’s fine) 2006 Specialized Globe Pro hybrid bike. Bike was just shy of £1000 new in 2006. Has 27 speed XT drive train which is still sweet. Replaced original rigid carbon...
  5. falmouthtony

    The brilliant (IMHO) Lidl saddles are back.

    On sale from Thursday at a ridiculous £7.99. Personally I have always found the middle width one of the three..think it's the be by far the most comfortable. Got one on all my bikes..and a spare. I know I wasn't alone on the forum when they last came up in finding them really...
  6. falmouthtony

    Bosch crank arm removal - damaged thread

    Anyone got any bright ideas for removal of bosch performance crank arm with damaged thread when normal puller is no use. Thanks
  7. falmouthtony

    Waterproofing Bosch System

    Inventive ideas required for temporarily waterproofing intuvia display, control button and battery if caught in an unexpected torrential downpour with no hope of shelter. Must be easy and light to pack up and carry in saddlebag / backpack :) That's today's challenge.
  8. falmouthtony

    Bosch 400wh frame battery

    Can anyone confirm that active and performance line use the same battery exactly. I feel sure they do. Many are advertised as specifically for active or specifically for performance. Seems to me the only difference is that those advertised as active are grey and the performance anthracite.
  9. falmouthtony

    Lexham Cycle Recovery Insurance - Don't get Caught Out

    For the sake of a mere £15 a year I have taken out this brilliant value cover for some time now. On phoning to renew today, I managed to grasp, in the high speed exclusions they have to read out to you over the phone, something about a SPECIFIC bike. Turns out that after the reader queried...
  10. falmouthtony

    Specialized Globe Pro eZee Conversion for sale £450.

    Ezee conversion based on large 58cm frame (I’m 6ft and it’s fine) 2006 Specialized Globe Pro hybrid bike. Bike was just shy of £1000 in 2006 a few years before the eZee conversion. Has 27 speed XT drive train which is still sweet. Replaced original rigid carbon fork with air shock with remote...
  11. falmouthtony

    Bosch Engine Repairs After Warranty??

    Anyone enlighten me on the the above if needed. I will use the analogy of my car. If it needs repairing and I am prepared to pay for it I can take it to any main dealer for that make of vehicle (if I choose to use them) and get it sorted out. Given how many Bosch engined ebikes there are out...
  12. falmouthtony

    29er Wheelset for sale ... complete

    29er wheel set for sale Just noticed a post for someone wanting to build up a spare set but it seems he’s sorted now. This prompted me to see if anyone is interested in mine Some time back, I decided I would like a spare wheelset for my 2014 Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 29 so that I could put...
  13. falmouthtony

    Size of text

    suddenly the text just on this web site has gone miniscule any help please
  14. falmouthtony

    Thumbs up for the eZee conversion kit

    Having just completed a 310 mile ride for charity around the entire Cornish coastline, I have to say how impressive the eZee motor has been throughout the ride. 26 hours pedalling 311 miles 20,823 feet of ascent All this carrying me at fifteen and a half stone, two 14AH batteries, and two...
  15. falmouthtony

    Cost to Charge a Battery

    I wonder if you guys could refresh my memory as to how many KwH it uses to charge a 36v 14AH battery for around 5 hours. Also what's your best guess at an average KwH charge at present. This needed as I embark on a small challenge to cycle the entire Cornish coastline from Plymouth to...
  16. falmouthtony

    Brand New NCX 31.6mm Suspension Seatpost

    Stupidly I just bought the wrong size from Bike Discount de. Anyone want to give me what I paid for it (£50) plus a fiver towards postage before I stick it on ebay. Cheers - Tony
  17. falmouthtony

    One for the Mathematicians

    How many calories have I burnt!!! So ... this year so far My Garmin Edge GPS tells me I have: Cycled 2300 miles In 200 hours Gained 179,000 feet in elevation And burnt 172,000 calories!!! Of course I haven't burnt anything like that on my electric bikes .. but I'd like an idea of how many I...
  18. falmouthtony

    Battery Charging - Opinions Please

    When I get back from a longish ride with an empty Ezee 36v 14ah battery I usually do things 'by the book' and immediately put it on charge for 4.5 hours or so, then switch the charger off when fully charged. However, for various reasons, there are occasions when I get back late and only have...
  19. falmouthtony


    Don't know about you guys but I've had some very close encounters of late, specifically with water filled deep potholes. Had I not been going at a snails pace by good chance I'm certain one particular one would have put me in hospital. I then came across this web site which may also help...