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    78 Year Old Cyclist Dies in Edinburgh After the spate of cycling deaths in London last year we lose another cyclist in Edinburgh. Hope its not a Pedelecs member.
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    The G-Bike Has the e-bike limitations been overcome with the g-bike? The motorised r/c wheelie bins looks to be more practicable.
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    Bike Recovery

    Good to see article on stolen bike. We might not be able to prevent our e-bikes being stolen, but this shows how modifying our bikes in unique permanently visible way increases the chances of getting the bike back.:D
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    Cyclists come out on top

    Cyclists come out on top
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    Trophy Points?

    Just noticed I have trophy points:). How do Pedelec members get trophy points?
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    Viking Electric Bikes demo on Freeview TV

    On now on Freeview TV Ideal Channel.
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    Too wet for an e-bike?

    FLOOD BIKING - YouTube Looks like it would be great trail to cycle if it was drier. Given our recent weather, perhaps Flood Biking will become more popular!
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    Get noticed on your bike in 2014 with the monkey light;

    Expensive but would look cool on an e-bike. Monkey Light Pro | Bike Lights by MonkeyLectric
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    The Bike Test.

    BBC News - The bike test that shows what we're really like at work Interesting article. Should employers take it up? Would e-cyclists be assessed as cheats?
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    Loch Ness 2014.

    BBC News - Loch Ness: New cycling event set to be held in 2014 A charity event. Might be an event that would merit e-bike traders sponsorship?
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    Discussing the Option and Ideas to safer cycling.

    BBC News - 8 radical solutions to protect cyclists With all the attention could our politicians be pressuried into making changes? Would the solution be just to use coloured tar to create routes where cyclists have priority and vehicles are restricted to 10 mph if they need to use...
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    Got to be safe!

    Tonight I spotted a learner motorcyclist riding without front lights. The rider ignored flashing warnings from other drivers and appeared unconcerned with the 30 mph speed limit. What can be done to improve the standards of motorists, bikers and cyclists when there are some who choose to put...
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    Cycling death rate on UK roads climbs to six!

    As reported in Todays Times newspaper. "A cyclist became the sixth fatality in nine days on Britain’s roads this morning after a collision with a London bus. The man was riding along Whitechapel High Street, East London, at around 11.30pm last night when he was hit by the double-decker at...
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    Is It Safer Riding an Electric Bike?

    50 Cycles is running a survey questioning whether it is safer to ride an electric bike rather than riding a standard pedal cycle. I personally feel that riding an electric bicycle makes the biggest contribution to being safer by eliminating potential health risks that cycling presents. Thought...
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    Avoid the hazard of motorists with the Paravelo Bicycle.

    Avoid accidents with motor vehicles and decrease commuting time with: Interesting development for the bicycle, a kit version might take off for e-bike projects!
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    Back to Pedelecs with a bump!

    Still enjoying e-biking on my Proconnect S. I have been reading Pedelec. Forums on and off but took a break from posting. After being made redundant I concentrated on finding another job and settling in. Now driving a bit more due to family circumstances requiring dads taxi! 2013 commuting...
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    Nano Structured Batteries.

    A new way of putting batteries together could prove useful for e-bikes.:D Batteries charge very quickly and retain capacity, thanks to new structure | News Bureau | University of Illinois A useful development?
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    Cycle to Work Scheme - bad news?

    Radio 4 Money Box at 12:00p.m Today is going to present bad news to those who have purchased bicycles on the cycle to work scheme:( . Has George Osborne thought up a plan to claw money back from cyclists?:eek: :( :mad:
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    How about this Freecross Trike in London?

    Freecross: The cross-trainer on wheels | Life and style | Not for me.:eek: I'm surprised they are allowed on the road.
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    The Revised 2007 edition of The Highway Code mentions the following crossings: 1. Zebra 2. Pelican 3. Touan 4. Puffin 5. Equestrian 6. Cycle Only Crossing What are Puffin Crossings?:confused: Rule 129 is intersting: Drivers MUST NOT overtake a pedal bicycle, horse or road...