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  1. theloafer

    For Sale his and hers haibikes Sduro 7.0 and 5.0 2018 treking models

    for sale as about due to upgrading would prefer to sell as a pair owning to the need for space regards new bikes arriving soon £3,400 ono just been serviced all updated and all diagnostics paperwork available .... also poss deliver for cost of fuel within reason ;) his .. Sduro...
  2. theloafer

    haibikes to Riese and muller

    not long back from York, went to try a riese and muller stepthrough for the Haibike that I got for her back in Jan .. she just was not comfortable and was not really enjoying her riding. despite getting the small xs model. she loved the Riese &...
  3. theloafer

    hi from durham newbie

    hi all was pointed in this direction by a friend :) looking to buy 2 e-bikes for myself and partner, did try a Bergamont e roxtar 6.0 a few months back ...local cycle shop owner let me have a test run out on his ,was well impressed.. poss going to evans this w/end to look at Haibikes...