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  1. Kenny

    Ten years with Kalkhoff Panasonic

    Shortly after I joined this forum in 2007, Kalkhoff launched their Pro Connect and Agattu models which quickly became very popular with forum members. When the S version came out in 2008 I took the plunge and ordered one at £1900. It was a lot of money for me but the day I ordered it I decided...
  2. Kenny

    Tmars Sp-475 Seatpost

    Has anyone tried one of these seat posts? They look similar to the popular Suntour SP12 but have a bit less travel and are a fair bit lighter. I can’t find any reviews anywhere.
  3. Kenny

    36v Panasonic Motor

    Despite owning two pedelecs I recently purchased a Kalkhoff Pro Connect S. It was the last of the Panasonic powered Pro Connects ever made and has the 350w 36v motor. I'll maybe write a review when I've finished tinkering with it but I have a chance of buying a spare motor at a very good price...
  4. Kenny

    Continental Tyres Undersize?

    Having read Gubbins post about his spill on ice I decided to fit my Continental TopContact Winter tyres I bought about six years ago, but never got round to fitting. The marked size is 700 x 37 but when i fitted them I discovered they were only 31mm wide. I checked the size of a Continental...
  5. Kenny

    New Tesla Model 3 Would love a bit more information about the Batteries. 200+ range sounds too good to be true but could prove a game changer if the claims are accurate.
  6. Kenny

    Comfort handlebar mod

    I've been thinking of fitting touring handlebars for some time to allow a bit of variation with my riding position. Butterfly bars look ideal but I wanted something that would allow me to keep my Ergon grips and bar ends. This is what I came up with. They're large bar ends which I've fitted...
  7. Kenny

    Sealed Cartridge Wheel bearings v Cup and Cone Type

    My Xtracycle cargo bike has seen a lot of use since I bought it about 8 years ago. It's not required much maintenance but in recent years my oldest son has grown to adult size and uses the bike every day, in all weathers, for his paper run. His riding style is not as gentle as mine and I've had...
  8. Kenny

    Bafang Max Drive

    Came across this when browsing: Not sure about the canary yellow but the new integrated motor looks neat. Not read any reviews yet but could be a good budget alternative to the present Mid-Drives.
  9. Kenny

    Panasonic 26v Battery

    Owning an old Panasonic drive bike just gets better all the time My two 4 year old 18ah batteries are still going strong but it's nice to know that a low...
  10. Kenny

    Kalkhoff 24AH Battery Charger

    I've found a couple of european dealers selling the Kalkhoff (Panasonic) 24AH Batteries for around £500. As I'm thinking of upgrading, does anyone have any experience of these batteries? Also are they compatible with the original chargers? I know that there is a new fast charger for the...
  11. Kenny

    Dodgy ebay listing?

    Anyone missing a Kalkhoff Sahel? Found this on ebay: Kalkhoff Bike | eBay Short worded listings always make me suspicious so I thought I'd ask a few questions. When I asked if the bike had a battery I got a quick, short reply: "No battery or charger". When I enquired further if...
  12. Kenny

    Pro Connect Bargain?

    This bike has been on 50cycles web site for a while: Kalkhoff Pro Connect Sport 2009 Model Looks a great buy and comes with 2 batteries, one the long range 18ah. As an owner of one of these bikes I would thoroughly recommend it, great quality components and an excellent ride. The 55cm...
  13. Kenny

    Using a Kalkhoff Battery with a Hub Motor Kit?

    Hi All, I recently bought an old tandem to do up and hopefully get my wife (a non-cyclist) to join me in my cycling adventures. Having restored the bike to a reasonable condition with a new pair of wheels and handlebars etc. I finally persuaded my partner to have a go. It didn't go too badly...
  14. Kenny

    My First Electric Bike

    After following Electric Bikes with great interest for over 2 years I've finally got my hands on one, a medium Pro Connect S no less which arrived on Tuesday. The box it arrived in was torn and the packaging could be better but fortunately the bike was intact. I'm 49 and a keen leisure...
  15. Kenny

    Infineum Extreem finally available?

    Seems like this bike may at last be available after it's premature launch last summer. The web site now has a Buy Now facility with dispatches promised from April 1st. With the popularity of MTB's I think this bike could sell very well. I just hope the Tongxin Motor is up to this type of...