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    Help! Bbs01 or Bbs02 or bbshd for a roadbike 250w motor

    So I have a trek domane 2 al disc 2022 model was thinking to add a bafang mid drive as I loved the bbshd on my mtb, what would be the best kit for a roadbike also has to come with thumb throttle and I've got a Bottom Bracket Shimano UN26, 68mm, threaded cartridge, 110mm spindle Let me know...
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    Help! Ekit for roadbike?

    Bought a new roadbike today i love it but only 1 problem which it's not fast for my liking what's the best electric conversion kit for roadbikes and has anyone else managed to add a motor to their roadbikes?
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    Help! Selling Scott aspect 960 2021 frame with fork and wheels

    Never sold anything but can someone help me sell this frame it's an XL SCOTT ASPECT 960 2021 MODEL RED COMES WITH 2(29ER WHEELS AND A 100M QR FORK PRELOAD SUSPENSION) had it for 4 months now.
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    Help! Ali express full suspension frame for bbshd

    Someone said I need a new frame for my bike so I was thinking would an ali express full suspension bike frame be good for my bbshd and would it everything fit as normal also has anyone bought from Ali express or know any legit sellers ?
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    Any ebike repair shop in London

    Please let me know any repair shop in London that is 100% legit
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    Help! HELP with QR ON EBIKE

    Hi I have a rear vertical dropout with a Rim that a Quick Release but the dropout has been worm is there anyway I can put a thru axle instead as the quick release one seems to not tighten and therefore when I pick the bike up the rear wheel falls I'm currently down for anything (except Quick...
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    Help with rear dropout

    I've got a vertical dropout but everytime I try use the bike the rear wheel falls out its like the quick release doesn't stick to the dropout frame so I was thinking maybe I should convert it to a bolt on one since it will be sturdy but could someone help me with what I shall do next (the...
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    Help! Seatpost 31.6 need something thats like really short

    My seatpost is too tall I need something that's really short like maybe less than 15cm as I would like it to be flushed to my seat frame but I can't really find anything short for my bike also I was thinking about cutting my bike seat post but still won't work
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    Help! Help i need help with my seat

    So my bike has a bbshd the problem is that my seat doesn't go fully down well it does but I would like to make go down more as I can't reach the floor and feel really uncomfortable when ridding is there anything I can do to the seat tube or seat post ?
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    Help! Pedal has to much resistance that i cant pedal bbshd

    Hi I can't pedal on my bbshd I took the chain off and it's easy to pedal I but as soon as I put the chain on my bike it has a lot of resistance to pedal do you know what I can do also when I go out with my chain I can use the throttle to move the bike but i can't pedal it even if I'm trying to...
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    Help! Anyone have a bbshd or bbs02 crankarm become stiff/resistance when trying to pedal

    I've got a bbshd 1000w and yesterday was the first time I took it out I realised I can't pedal its like some sort of resistance I can't even pedal a full circle can someone help me and advise me on what to do next please
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    Help! Hi i need help with my bbshd

    I took it outside today and the first thing I bumped in to was the pedals I can't pedal so I had to keep using throttle anyone know why this is happening its like the pedals are really hard to push and go around 2nd problem is the chain it keeps falling off and made my frame sort of tear the...
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    Help! Bbshd cover

    Hi since my bafang bbshd is kinda low is there any protective cover that will protect the motor from road humps?
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    Help! Improve Bbshd range ASAP

    Hi i currently bought a bbshd 1000w with 52V20AH battery and on the dpc18 display it says on pedal assist 1 it will only give me 21 miles? Is there any way I could up make the battery last more longer than 21 miles also if I get the bbshd programming cable would that help to improve the range of...
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    Help! Restrict bafang 1000w bbshd

    Hi I'm wondering is it possible to restrict the 1000w bbshd to 15mph since I use my bike for city and off road I've also got the speeed app If that helps
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    Help! Cover for ebike wire

    Hi so I've recently install a bbshd mid drive and some of the stuff I won't be using for example the front hydraulic brake sensor so how do I hide the yellow plastic male connector ?
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    Help! What the rules in London for non foldable ebike conversion kit

    What is the dvla rules for non foldable ebike conversion kit and what happens if caught?
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    Help! London dlr and jubilee line non foldable

    Has anyone with a non foldable electric ebike conversion kit used the dlr or the jubilee line or any other line without someone saying "you can't use the this transport please get out"? Because I'm wondering let's say one day I really need to use the train can I get on the train without being...
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    Help! Bike frame is Xl need help

    So my bike is a scott aspect 960 2021 model it's a Xl frame with 29er wheels but the problem is my height for this bike I'm a 5ft 8 and the bike is Xl which means its for 5ft 10 to 6ft 5,I'm thinking to cut the seat post down a bit so I can reach the floor when the bike is stopped instead of...
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    Help! Need help with bbshd stickers

    Hi I'm just wondering where do I need to put the 250w sticker do I place it on the battery or on the bafang motor? And let's a police officer stops me where do they usually look?