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    Thread pitch of BBS02 locknuts

    Hi, does anybody know the pitch if the threads on the BBS02 Iocknuts i.e standard, fine, extra fine. Thanks
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    Reversing BBS02 wheel magnet

    Hi,bi accidently knocked my BBS02 wheel magnet (the one attached to the wheel)., it ended in the reverse position. This resulted in it feeling like the PAS was disabled, I don't know if it actually was. Can anybody explain what reversing the wheel magnet does to the BBS02 system. Thanks for...
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    Throttle cramp buster

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has tried one of these on their throttle...
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    New Forest could ban e-bikes from cycle trails
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    Attaching cog to disk brake bolts and making front ebike hub a crank drive.

    I was just wondering if this would work. Making a front hub a crank drive. 1. Attach cog to disk brake bolts on front ebike hub therefore making it a rear ebike hub. 2. Attach chain front cog to inner chainring on triple / double chainring set 3. Run chain to rear mech etc using middle /...
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    Should hub motors come with a dropout sizing guide

    Hi, I hope all is well. On the forum we get a lot of people asking about dropout alterations for hub motors. I designed a dropout sizing guide on my computer (attached as a JPEG). The height is 12mm + the anti rotation tab washer thickness + 1mm clearance (so the anti rotation washer top is...
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    My light set up

    Hi, as the dark mornings and nights are coming in I thought I would share my light set up. I keep the Hi Viz bands on all year to alert other road users to my presence. The picture was taken inside so might not show full effect. Lights Front: Exposure Trace Rear: Exposure Trace and Spanninga...
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    Wolftooth B Rad base plate and a BBS02 battery

    Hi, my bottle cage bosses are close to my seat tube so I was looking for a way to fit a battery without drilling my frame. I bought the Wolftooth B Rad 4 slot base plate I found that...
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    CYC X1 PRO crank drive kit

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has tried the CYC X1 PRO, Luna Cycles video below.
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    Alternative to Lekkie crank arms

    I thought this might help people with a BBS02. I contacted the company as the picture looks like a spider is attached to the crank arms. Reply Thanks for contacting us but our cranks do not come with a spider or ring...
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    Dual speed Bafang motor
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    How much grease in a standard (non ebike) hub

    I need to replace the bearing in my front (non ebike) hub. The hub takes 3/16 bearings, they have a 4.78mm diameter. To fill a 4.78mm squared cube takes 0.109ml of liquid. So if one side of a hub takes 11 bearings then: 11 X 0.109ml is 1.199ml. You would only fill half the space each side...
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    Cyclist spotted with paramotor on his back

    You have to scroll down a bit, contains swearing.
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    E-scooter rider kills cyclist
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    BBS02 replacement gasket seal UK supplier

    Hi, I am putting some grease in my BBS02 and thought I would replace the gasket seal at the same time. A lot of places sell the controller seal, does anybody know a UK supplier of the gasket seal. Thanks
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    GCN unrestricted ebike v road bike

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    Guy builds a Telsa in his garage