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  1. flecc

    Think Highway Code changes are good? Read on - - -

    According to new plans announced by the Department for Transport, the Highway Code is to be updated to allow motorists to take their hands from the wheel and even watch video in slow moving traffic, provided that certain conditions are met. Under the plans when travelling at under 37mph in a...
  2. flecc

    Cost in lives of the Covid cycling boom

    Despite the large increases in cycling in the last two decades the death rates had been falling during the 2010s, probably due to the increase mainly being in cycle commuting which builds experience. From a high of 134 deaths in Britain, there was a later one year low of 99 deaths. However...
  3. flecc

    Prices of the electricity we use to charge

    Since we all use electricity to charge our e-bikes, I thought I'd post this here as well: Something very close to home, FUEL PRICES. For those of you what dont yet know the new prices from April 1st, I've received mine: I'm electricity only and my current month bill for this 20th January to...
  4. flecc

    Mischievous thoughts on battery prices

    Idly looking at the new Leica M11 camera, £7500 for the camera body alone, I noticed the 13.32 Wh little battery costs £142, prompting these thoughts. If priced like that camera battery on battery capacity, the standard Bosch battery would cost £4,264. If priced like that camera battery on...
  5. flecc

    Trial E-scooters in London - additional conditions

    This month London joined in with an e-scooter trial, but with additional conditions for safety. I've highlighted these in bold in the rules below: E-scooters are available to rent in four London boroughs to start with, Ealing, Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Richmond upon...
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    A future way to charge your e-bike

    Hyundai under its electric sub brand Ioniq has launched a new model the Ioniq 5, which includes the following: Another exciting feature is the vehicle-to-load (V2L) charging, which allows the IONIQ 5 to act as a charger. This means you can charge any electric device, such as electric bicycles...
  7. flecc

    Discrimination against bicycles

    Right at the end of today's BBC's "You and Yours" program on Radio 4 was a mention of a woman getting in touch. She'd apparently been refused a takewaway in a "Drive Through" because she was on a bike. No more details given, but it reminded me of a newly set up golf course and club here that...
  8. flecc

    HELMETS - but different this time

    This thread isn't intended to influence whether anyone wears a cycle helmet or doesn't. That is entirely a matter of personal choice and I fully respect the choice of those who do. The primary intention of the thread is to show that enforcing wearing by legislation is very silly since it...
  9. flecc

    Tesla announce a major battery advance

    Some of this could be applicable to e-bike batteries: Information Link .
  10. flecc

    Current Bike Theft Danger

    I've just been listening on Radio 4 to a representative of a major insurer reporting a massive 46% increase in bicycle thefts in April and May, plus a report from a cyclist with a £4000 mountain bike who with two friends were threatened by two gangs in cars attempting to steal their expensive...
  11. flecc

    Pedelec Law - The Details

    I think many of you will be aware of what a complex subject electric assist bicycle law is and pitfalls in trying to second guess it. As a result, and with my knowledge of it since joining the trade 70 years ago, I'm often called upon in here to give answers on the subject. But of course I...
  12. flecc

    Electric Cars 2020

    Someone introduced as an expert on pure electric cars on a radio programme the other day said there was hardly any choice and they couldn't see that changing for five years or so. It struck me then that this lack of knowledge of the market was probably widespread, given that there's no...
  13. flecc

    Ban on UK ic car sales brought forward to 2035

    Here's a Boris Johnson measure I approve of. Bringing the ic car ban forward from 2040 to 2035 gets us more into line with mainland Europe countries whose choices have been from 2025 to 2035. There's a lot of silly media chatter about the so called impossibility of meeting the new date, but it...
  14. flecc

    Horse Meat Scandal - The Outcome

    Most will remember the horse meat scandal when horse meat was passed off as beef throughout Europe. At last many years later, the French man who made millions by processing 500 tonnes of horse meat as beef was finally sentenced. He got just six months imprisonment. Two Dutch men in league...
  15. flecc

    How to get legal approval for a pedelec throttle

    This thread is for all manufactured pedelecs sold after 1st January 2016 which have had no legal permission for throttles, and amateur builds such as those using motor kits. They can now be MSVA tested for a certificate of compliance with a new 250 LPM low powered moped class of pedelecs but...
  16. flecc

    Denmark allows S-pedelecs treated as normal pedelecs

    I've posted about this in the S-pedelec forum but link to it here since it's of interest to this forum: Link to item .
  17. flecc

    Denmark adopts S-Pedelecs

    Thanks to their transport minister, Denmark has become the third EU country to adopt S-pedelecs, and unusually is permitting them on normal cycle paths. Feelings are mixed about this but seem to be mainly in favour. There was an interesting spot in the radio program "You and Yours" about this...
  18. flecc

    E-biking's 20th Anniversary

    Although there were many early false starts and a complete disappearance of the e-bike concept for a long period as you can read below, e-bikes didn't truly become a known consumer product until the 1990s, 1999 in the UK. The major events in that year were the Powabyke company starting up with...
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    Test Thread - Please Ignore

    Using this only to find a facility for a member. .
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    Trump damages US Bicycle Industry

    New and existing tariffs on Chinese e-bike and motor imports will total to 36%: Information Link According to the country’s biggest bicycle importer – Huffy Corporation – it will even have devastating impact on bike sales and it will devastate the American bicycle industry. .