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  1. Neilgtis

    Help! Yose Hub marking

    Hi Anybody know what these hub marking mean I am thinking that 250 means wattage 3626 means 36 volts and 26 inch wheel Neil
  2. Neilgtis

    First time out

    Just been out on the bike after the conversion to electric It’s better than I was expecting a nice steady 10 miles in about a hour Been up hill I would never try or I would push the bike up pas 3 and never used the gears Will have to tweak the wiring and the throttle position’s all in all its...
  3. Neilgtis

    Help! Nut size

    Hi Anybody know the nut size for the Yose 250w front hub I been looking for some thinner one as the axle does not go all the way through
  4. Neilgtis

    Help! Torque arms

    Hi Just a question about where to place torque arm on front forks seen conflicting photos Where they are in the same direction of rotation ie clockwise and sone anti clockwise see photos Neil
  5. Neilgtis

    Yose kit

    Look what came today yose 250w front hub With 36v 15.6ah battery
  6. Neilgtis

    LCD display

    Hi Anybody know what display this is trying to find the instructions before I order the kit On the yose website they show a c500 but That looks different Neil
  7. Neilgtis

    Just joined

    Hi all My name his Neil from South Yorkshire I am thinking about converting my Scott aspect 40 mtb using this kit Neil