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  1. chris_n

    RE: Bosch Active-Line motors - a cautionary tale:

    I know 3 bike hire shop owners or mechanics here in Austria, all of them have 20 plus bikes for hire and one of them does service work from the shop too (they have about 50 hire bikes). Most but not all of the bikes are Bosch, some Yamaha some Shimano but all are mid engine. None of them have...
  2. chris_n

    Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Yamaha (7 Month 1600 Miles)

    Yeah but have you seen some of the s**t they call ebikes on there ;) Of course there is a risk with any stored energy whether it is electrical or otherwise ( springs, pressure, gravity etc) but if the risks are known, understood and assessed then they can be minimised. For instance checking...
  3. chris_n

    Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Yamaha (7 Month 1600 Miles)

    They can't get out of balance when they are connected in parallel. Individual cells can of course fail but then the protection is supplied by the BMS in the individual battery. If the capacities are different then the batteries respond by sharing the load proportionally. If one battery is 22 Ah...
  4. chris_n

    Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Yamaha (7 Month 1600 Miles)

    Capacity has absolutely nothing to do with it, age doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is voltage. As you say there is a BMS on each battery that will restrict the current but if the voltage difference is small then very little current will flow anyway. When the batteries are straight...
  5. chris_n

    Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Yamaha (7 Month 1600 Miles)

    Removed battery mount, soldered wires, cut a small groove in the base to get the wire outside and fitted connector. I always switch bike on before connecting the second battery as the bike is not expecting power to be available on the main connectors until powered up, probably makes no...
  6. chris_n

    Haibike sDuro HardSeven SL 2015 Yamaha (7 Month 1600 Miles)

    Stick another battery on like in parallel like I have, double your range! Comes in even handier when you start climbing more like you are threatening to. Most importantly enjoy and make the most of your new found freedom, maybe you can come and ride the Alps too.
  7. chris_n

    Extending transmission service life on my crank drive

    For contrast my most worn gears are third and fourth, shows how much time I spend going up silly long hills with an average ride over 1000m of climbing. As soon as I leave home virtually every road / track goes up.
  8. chris_n

    DIY ebike conversion - tidy up

    If it is DC rated then yes, but I cant see how using an MCB fits with tidying up.
  9. chris_n

    Brexit, for once some facts.

  10. chris_n

    Cooked my brakes

    Don't know what you guys are doing with your brakes. Living in the Alps I regularly descend over 700m vertical sometimes over 1000m both on and off road and have never had a problem with either my normal or electric MTB.
  11. chris_n

    Haibike Yamaha flunked battery with flashing lights

    Does the bike run? What happened immediately before this issue? Have you tried to measure any voltages? How long are you holding the power button?
  12. chris_n

    Ebike charging using Street EV chargers for electric cars

    Added free charge point near me in Austria.
  13. chris_n

    Schwalbe Marathon E-Plus rolling resistance

    X2 and maybe increase the weight or decrease pressure to get 60W
  14. chris_n

    Maximum range you have ever had on your ebike?

    103 kM with about half battery left, 789m elevation gain. Yamaha Haibike with 400wh battery. This was when I decided I was not going to bring the bike back from Austria after the summer. At the time the bike was restricted but I spent most of the day riding with people I met along the way so...
  15. chris_n

    Haibike Yamaha flunked battery with flashing lights

    What happens in you press the battery capacity indicator for 10 seconds as shown on page 22/23 of the document linked to by georgehenry?
  16. chris_n

    Battery charge cycles

    So going back to the OP it must be about due to die ;) . While I have nowhere near as many cycles as you mine was used very hard (10km with 1km climbing on one regular route for example) before I fitted the parallel battery. It has also been run to cut out on too many occasions as I was living...
  17. chris_n

    Battery charge cycles

    How many charge cycles are you showing in the test on the previous page?
  18. chris_n

    charging problem

    The Yamaha charger does not have power on the connection until it has a handshake signal from the battery.
  19. chris_n

    Commuting with a badass dongle..??

    The voltage is higher, 42V fully charged 32 V discharged. If you multiply the voltage by the current you get power, your maximum current is fixed.
  20. chris_n

    Riding illegal bikes can lead to being charged with driving offences.

    Looks like the precedent has been set at the Old Bailey yesterday!