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  1. RobF

    wisper 806

    As said, a quality cadence sensor, which the Wisper should have, is the best choice. David Miall, the owner of Wisper and one of life's good guys, will give you all the info you need. Worth giving him a ring before placing the order.
  2. RobF

    Which ebike for £2500 to go for early morning rides?

    A rough yearly maintenance cost is impossible to give because there are so many variables. As an example, an Eagle cassette is a minimum of about £140, and you can pay as much as £300. The Sunrace cassette on the Orbea is about £70. That differential may be repeated elsewhere, although you...
  3. RobF

    Belt drive adjustment !!

    A track bike chain tensioner might do the job. They are designed for horizontal dropouts, but may stay in place on other types of dropouts when tightened...
  4. RobF

    Which ebike for £2500 to go for early morning rides?

    The Cube does have a better spec on paper, but the Orbea might be cheaper to look after. Replacement parts for the Cube's Sram Eagle groupset are very expensive. A consideration given that some mountain bikers seem to wear chains and cassettes quickly. The bigger battery on the Cube is a plus...
  5. RobF

    Como or Vado?

    From a quick look at the specs online, I think the difference is the Como has a much more set up and beg riding position. The handlebars are swept back, and higher in relation to the saddle.
  6. RobF

    Anybody got experience of "Juicy" e bikes?

    A sensible filtering process is to first decide on the style of bike you want, then look for bikes in that style with a motor.
  7. RobF

    Cube Kathmandu mirror

    Bar end is the way to go. This is cheap, simple, and works...
  8. RobF

    Looking for a weekend trekking ebike - what about an Ortler?

    Stuff like tyres can depend on what the bike maker can get cheap at the time of the bike build. You ought to get the model of battery and motor stated on the website. But the 'specs may change' warning is there for a reason.
  9. RobF

    Kalkhoff or NO!

    The dealer is doing you no favours here. The likes of Shimano, Bosch, and Yamaha are all pretty much the same when it comes to power and weight. You can get slightly more powerful versions of the Bosch and Shimano motors, but you may not notice any difference. Three grand is a lot to take off...
  10. RobF

    Woosh Woosh Rio eMTB - alternatives

    You do not need an MTB for the off road paths and dirt tracks you specify. Almost any ebike of reasonable quality will be well capable of those conditions, and in most cases, more suited to those conditions. If you fancy a Woosh, the Camino would do the job. About the worst that might happen...
  11. RobF

    Nexus 8 or the new Nexus 5-E?

    Gear range can be a weak point with hub gears, particularly those with fewer ratios. The 263% from the Nexus 5 will be too narrow for a lot of riders. At the other end of the scale you have a Rohloff - or a mountain triple MTB derailer gearset - with a range of about 500%. I rarely use top...
  12. RobF

    Hello - newbie looking for opinions!

    I suspect the LCD display comment relates to kits with LCD displays being generally better than those with other types. You will struggle to get a battery that will reliably do the 60 mile trip to London, so I think the only answer is to carry a spare for longer rides. My bike has a twin...
  13. RobF

    Help required with purchase

    Well done for producing what looks like an excellent bike for the money. If I had under a grand for an ebike, a Rambletta is what I'd spend it on. Shame you can't meet demand. No reason why the next consignment shouldn't also sell well.
  14. RobF

    Help required with purchase

    How about your Rambletta? I'm a big fan of 20" wheel compact framed ebikes. They do the job and are much easier to (wo)manhandle than big wheel bikes. Nice and comfy on balloon tyres.
  15. RobF


    Did you see the charger, the battery, and did you see their other bike? I'm afraid it still sounds fishy to me. The guy's nicked the bike, found out already it's all but unfixable so is prepared to let it go for whatever he can get for it, in this case fifty quid. The fact that it's brand new...
  16. RobF

    Little Friction Drive

    I suspect you will continue to suffer from tyre wear.
  17. RobF

    Wanted Riese and Müller Supercharger or Supercharger 2

    Where are you? Due to a persistent medical problem, my Supercharger Rohloff twin battery could be for sale - it's the bike in my avatar. I'm having trouble mounting a cross bar so am looking to change to a step through.
  18. RobF

    Help! Desperate to buy!

    The 20" ebikes are much easier to handle than the full size wheel ones and they are easier to ride. Such an ebike is an ideal, I would say only, choice for the OP. This leads to one bike only given the budget and current availability of ebikes - a Woosh Rambletta. Apart from anything else...
  19. RobF

    Is this Ancheer eBike Any Good?

    Standard Chinese ebike - I've seen worse. Separate battery and controller is a scruffy design. For that budget I'd ring woosh and get them to recommend a bike from their range. Proper after sales service, too, making woosh hard to beat for the money.
  20. RobF

    Can anyone point me in the direction unlock a oxygen s cross mk11 mtb

    The motor is quite pokey. I thought it had a bit more grunt than my Bosch bikes. Some owners have got 24/25mph out of them, but I suspect you would need to be fairly light to get that.