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    Best kit for mostly off road commute

    I have been riding the BBS01B in all weathers on roads / cycle paths and here is my impressions. Pros Weight in middle Good hill climbing ability Spare parts easily available Cons Crank arms not that good quality, they work though (people recommend thread locking pedals in crank arms)...
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    Thread pitch of BBS02 locknuts

    Hi, does anybody know the pitch if the threads on the BBS02 Iocknuts i.e standard, fine, extra fine. Thanks
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    PLEASE help me decide - I'm going insane!!

    I don't align the year magnet on my BBS02 so the PAS does not work, I find this provides a much more natural feel. Lekkie do crank arms that help the Q factor. I have tried both rear hub and mid drive, I find mid...
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    How to measure bike chain (Cyclamatic Power Plus)

    Put a piece of masking tape around a link as a starting point and count the links, each faceplate is one link.
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    do expensive sunglasses make any difference to cheap ones.

    I find sunglasses useful as they stop fly's and pollen (hayfever sufferer) getting into your eyes. Are expensive sunglasses worth it? Probably not, most things aren't, fashion dictates some of its value.
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    If you were going to buy a bike to convert....

    The best bike is one that fits, I find that a women's version fits me better due to the shorter top tube.
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    What is the best conditioner for leather jackets?

    Sorry about text size, I copy and pasted details. Autoglym LCB500 Leather Care Balm
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    Panniers for grocery shopping.

    I use Altura Dryline panniers, they have survived all year use and numerous washes in the washing machine (delicate wash, no spin and drip dried on a clothes horse in the bath). I have also used them to take scrap to the scrapyard, my rear rack is Tortec expedition model
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    Elife La Grande 26" electric bike drive crank needs replacing

    Good to hear you got it sorted, sometimes it's hard to know if a component will fit exactly without seeing the bike. I suppose you will know for next time, Sunrace and Prowheel are other brands you could try.
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    Which bike....between 3

    Woosh Faro - £1239
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    Elife La Grande 26" electric bike drive crank needs replacing

    I had a look for your bike and there is not much detail. The only thing I can think of is that your chain line is affected. It might be worth trying to add a couple of washers to the crank bolt and then fully tighten again. Post some pictures of your bottom bracket and we might be able to tell...
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    Elife La Grande 26" electric bike drive crank needs replacing

    Your chain might be too short due to the amount of teeth on the biggest chainring causing tightness in the system. Take a photograph of your rear derailleur when you are feeling the tightness and post it on here. It is not advisable to use your biggest chainring and biggest gear on your rear...
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    Stealth bomber wheel wont fit fork

    Would this work 142mm OLN fitting / 174mm overall length, QR pivot to end of skewer's pin.
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    Adding fixings for battery packs to an alloy frame?

    I used this, you can get 3 slot versions.
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    Elife La Grande 26" electric bike drive crank needs replacing

    Hi, glad to hear that it fits ok, this forum has members who are more than willing to share their knowledge.
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    Elife La Grande 26" electric bike drive crank needs replacing

    When you tighten the bolt that fits into the bottom bracket spindle thread it pushes the crank into the square taper. You could put the crank on untightened and post a photograph of the space between the crank and frame. Another thing you could do is put the old crank on untightened and measure...
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    Elife La Grande 26" electric bike drive crank needs replacing

    Hi, put a flat piece of plastic / cardboard / wood against the lip then measure from the cardboard (inside) to the outside edge of the square hole in the crank (outside). Measure from the edge of the bottom bracket (frame) to the outside of the bottom bracket spindle. This should help you work...
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    Elife La Grande 26" electric bike drive crank needs replacing

    Hi, it sounds like you have a square taper bottom bracket. This crankset will fit a square taper crankset and has 3 chainrings. Gear Ratio: 48-38-28 teeth...
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    Tektro hydraulic disc brake mystery

    Your brake might need bleeding / burping, this removes any air in the hydraulic fluid. YouTube has videos on how to do this. This might help. You can also buy a service kit, first seller I came to so you might get it cheaper...
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    A trailer for ebike or non ebike towing.

    My trailer is a kids trailer with the exterior framework and cover removed,. the top covered in varnished wood and a plastic container bolted to the wood. I use it to take stuff to the scrapyard, I call it my S.U.V, Scrap Ulitity Vechile.