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  1. Steve J H

    Help! Advice on choosing rear hub motor/kit

    Hi All Looking at DWG22C 48v 250w 60nm from Woosh, they only supply with 12ah battery, prefer 15ah. Any alternative recommendations would be very welcome. Currently enjoying my BBS01 but time for another build. I know a hub motor won't climb like a mid motor but looking for a more relaxed ride...
  2. Steve J H

    Lekkie Buzz barr or alternative

    Hi All Looking at the Lekkie Buzz Bar, are there alternative products worth considering? Thanks
  3. Steve J H

    BBS01b progamming questions

    H All Could do with some advise/sugestions regarding BBS01b programming the following, current settings in brackets basic max current (15A) low batt cutoff (31v) throttle throttle mode speed or current (Speed) Start voltage (11) End voltage (25) Start current (10) Pedal assist Start current...
  4. Steve J H

    Help! BBS01 help required with programming

    Hi All I am having trouble programming my BBS01. new lead arrived from ebay today but will not connct to software (Error opening serial port) no option to choose port and the controler info is not showing on the software I have checked the connections and that the battery is turned on...
  5. Steve J H

    BBS01 cutting out when changing assist level

    Hi All BBS01 cuts out when reducing assist from level 3 to 2, strangely this only seems to happen once per ride. Screen goes blank with loss of assistance for approx 3 seconds then returns to normal with level 2 as selected. Everything works as expected for the rest of the ride regardless of...
  6. Steve J H

    Help! TSDZ2 48v 250w or BBS01B 36v 250w

    Hi All After digesting lots of valuable info from this from this forum I am now leaning toward a mid drive option. I think it will provide more torque for hill climing with a heavy rider, also it will allow me to keep existing QR wheels. The two obivious options seem to be TSDZ2 or BBS01b. I...
  7. Steve J H

    Woosh SWX02 48v 250w Bafang kit

    Hi All I was intending to fit Woosh SWX02 48V Kit with Bafang 60 Nm motor, but they are not available until early November. Can anyone suggest a viable alternative. I would like the controller to be integral with the battery housing to keep things tidy if poss. The bike is a Specialized...
  8. Steve J H

    Riverside 500e

    Hi I have a Riverside 500e which I purchased Feb this year. It has only done 450 miles. The bottom bracket has developed an annoying click, also about 2mm play at the end of the crank. Any other owners of this model with the same problem. Fortunately the bike is under warranty, however i don't...
  9. Steve J H

    New to forum

    High new to forum, looking for first e bike Really liked the Woosh Camino after trying it at Southend. Unfortunately it was low in the front for my long back, could do with another couple of inches on top of the maximum adjusted handle bar height. The cables and hoses did not have enough slack...