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    A future way to charge your e-bike

    Went camping once and mobile phone battery died in the evening. So plugged it into the ciggies lighter charger socket of the car and left key in ignition in the "half on" position so the charger would remain powered. Being a remote location I didn't expect the car would move overnight. It...
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    Torque Sensor Folding eBike?

    Gocycle use a torque sensor and front wheel drive, some of their bikes fold and are lovely to ride but are not cheap. Maybe yoi could ask Woosh if they can swap a torque sensor into their folding bike? I have bought both a kit and a bike from them, each with torque sensor and am very happy with...
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    Woosh Santana motor suddently cut out, cause?

    Hi, riding along today my fairly new Woosh Santana3 simply cut out. It's only had light use, maybe not more than a few dozen miles as it is very new and all on roads or tarmaced cycle paths. Immediately before it cut out the motor gave an unexpected and loud whirring noise for a few seconds...
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    Torque sensors and where to buy ?

    If you wonder if you would prefer a cadence sensor to a torque sensor then you probably need a torque sensor. Much more natural feeling - "like having bionic limbs" is how they are often described - whereas a cadence sensor effectively sets you a minimum speed depending on the power setting so...
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    Torque sensors and where to buy ?

    Hi Tim you would need to speak to Woosh to confirm but I doubt you could run the crankset with more than one chainring. However, if you need a wider range of gears there's nothing to stop you having rear hub gears such as the Shimano Nexus unless you are wedded to derailleurs or hate hub gears...
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    Best puncture resistant tyres?

    I have Marathon Plusses. Could someone explain to me what's a puncture?
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    Securing bike at home

    The problem is, what if you keep your ebike in the toolshed? However secure the brick walls and any rings that might be bolted to them through which a bike could be secured, there could be a powered angle grinder inches away from the bike.....
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    Torque sensors and where to buy ?

    I'm on my second TS kit from Woosh now. Not that there was anything wrong with the first thugh, quite the reverse. The first one went on my bike and is so brilliant that my wife wanted one for her bike too. I have a front hub, she has a rear hub motor. So much nicer than a cadence sensor we both...
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    What panniers for rear rack with integrated battery?

    Thanks - I've seen double panniers that are permanently connected to each other but wonder how practical they are? Thinking ease of carrying when off the back. Also do you have to just drape them over the rack or can you secure them so they don't slide off?
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    What panniers for rear rack with integrated battery?

    Having just got a wonder new new Woosh Santana (more anon) I need recommendations for suitable panniers. Neither my trusty Carradice nor my Alturas will fit as the rack tubes are too thick and the clearance between rack and battery is insufficient. What bag or bags would go over the rear rack...
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    Woosh Woosh Rio eMTB - alternatives

    What about the Santana3 which fits what I'm looking for nicely?
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    Torque v cadence - which has more efficient battery usage (my wife's battery ran out, mine did not...)?

    The Rambla is not showing in your online shop - how does one order it or is there a waiting list? Actually I had my eye on the Santana - can that be modified to accomodate your torque sensor or is that a lost cause?
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    Torque v cadence - which has more efficient battery usage (my wife's battery ran out, mine did not...)?

    And continuing that theme, on the strength of my conversion my wife is now looking at getting herself an ebike. I can't tell from the Woosh website which models have torque sensors and which have cadence sensors - or whether you can swap them round to whatever the customer wants. Can you advise?
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    how hot is too hot?!

    How can it even get warm if you are cycling at 20mph? I thought they cut out at 15.5mph?
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    Torque v cadence - which has more efficient battery usage (my wife's battery ran out, mine did not...)?

    I have a torque sensor front hub set up. I know in theory that should be less efficient than a torque sensor crank motor. However, on flat level ground I tend to cruise at around 18mph so just over the cut off (with good aerodynamics as I have drop bars). That means my motor is in use...
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    Petrol driven bike!

    Heard a right racket coming up the street the other day. Expecting to see a youth in bandana on a quadbike I was bemused when the "thing" shot past me to see it was a pedal cycle with a petrol engine attached. I was too surprised and the rider was too fast to actually see where the engine was...
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    Newbie needing touring bike

    I converted my Dawes touring bike with a Woosh front kit as I couldn't find a suitable dedicated touring ebike. I use mine more for commuting along canal paths but want the freedom to do some road touring too. Touring bikes seem to have sort of evolved into "gravel bikes" or "adventure bikes" so...
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    Front or rear hub motor?

    Very happy with my Woosh XF07 front conversion. Hub gear meant rear motor was out for me. Ride is certainly firm though I put my that down at least as much to my Marathon Pluses. I want a low maintenance commuter and crank motors sounded like too much maintenance. Another big plus for the Woosh...
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    Why so few hub geared bikes with belts ? Looking at Kalkhoff

    The Dutch style bike earlier would really need a crank motor to get full value from it because its front wheel has a dynamo. Lighting is the one catch with a front hub motor rear hub gear configuration - I had to fit a botttle dynamo (shhhhh!) to my Woosh conversion. Bit noisy but it works and I...
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    Being given the runaround by a bike shop

    No comfort to anyone who's paid their deposit yet is stuck without a bike at the moment but there is something positive about the thought that for once, bike sales this year have vastly outstripped demand.