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    Kalkoff Pro Connect questions

    i purchased a new pro connect approx 6-7 years ago. Just then we made a move and the bike was packed up and put in storage until our new house was completed. My question is: 1. How do I determine if the battery is still good, ie : will hold a charge and charge up to its full value. The bike...
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    Need new folding pedelecs

    I currently have a Kalkoff Pro Connect S, and am extremely happy with it, but I need to urgently buy two more bikes, and have no ideas what the best would be. These are for my partner and his wife, and price is not an issue, they are more concerned with quality and performance. I need one of...
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    New fast German e-bike or motorcycle??

    Grace hand assembled in Berlin/Biesenthal. Grace boasts a water-tight / ultra-light CNC-Aluminum frame, a 1300-watt motor, lithium-ion batteries, a 40 30 MPH speed, a range of up to 31 miles, and a one-hour recharge time. Looks good enough for a Kraftwerk video, although you'd better steer...
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    New Ducatti Electric Bike

    Just saw this new Ducatti electric bike. Do not know the cost, but I like how they integrated the battery. the specifications for the City Pearl are right in line with other comparable electric bicycles. Power comes from a six-volt 9Ah Panasonic lithium ion battery pack and motivation comes...
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    How to best store seldom used ProConnect battery

    I am in process of moving, and probably will not be using the new ProConnect S as much as I like, maybe not for weeks at a time. To best keep the battery, is it best to: 1. Leave it charged in the bike 2. Leave it charged off of the bike 3.Leave it discharged in the bike 4. Leave it...
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    New carbon Fiber Sanyo Bike

    Has anyone heard about this bike? Just saw it on Engadget: Sanyo's new eneloop bike gets carbon fiber frame, traction control brain by Tim Stevens, posted Jul 27th 2009 at 9:49AM Carbon fiber, with its light weight and high strength, is the material upon which the modern motorsports...
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    Pro Connect S arrives Fine!

    I received my ProConnect S replacement last week, and just had an opportunity to ride it today. The driveway was being demolished, so it was hard to get it out beofre. The first ride seemed strange, since whenever I changed the gears, I did not feel much of a change. Then after awhile I...
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    ProConnect S owners- Need help.

    I just received my new ProConnect S (2nd bike). For those of you in the US, is the charger a 220volt model only?? I have started to charge the battery, but in 2 hours, non of the 5 lites have gone out. I now plugged it into a 220 voilt transformer, and will see if it works with 220 power...
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    ProConnect S arrives damaged !

    After 8 months wait, my ProConnect S arrived today. The DHL courier was even ashamed to bring the box to the door, but when he did, there were approx 2 larges holes and 3-4 large gashes in the box, with the rear of the bike showing thru one hole. Bent bike racj, fender, rim, etc. DHL said to...
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    ProConnect S delivery ?

    Has anyone received their delivery of the ProConnect S/ I understand that this is not available in the UK, but I know there are other forum members outside the UK. Looking for first impressions.
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    New Panasonic Throttle Kit

    Does anyone have any experience with the new Panasonic ThrottleKit? I ask, because I am shortly taking delivery on a new ProConnect "S". Can this be used to cruise along with the bike, as in other bikes? Why would it be limited to just a "walk-along" speed? Can that be disabled in order to...
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    Revising software on Panasonic motor in ProConnect?

    I read in another thread that FLECC had mentioned that it was possible to get better hill climbing ability, if the software was revised. Is this possible on a Pr-Connect? I do not live in the UK, so UK laws against this would not worry me. Here many european cars have their engine software...
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    New High End Electric Bike

    2009 Optibike OB1 is on sale now -- Designed by award winning bike designer Jim Turner, this lithium-ion battery-powered hybrid features a GPS, fully integrated PDA (to keep track of the vehicle's performance), two hours of battery life, and -- for those of you who like to kick it old school --...
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    My first e-bike - ProConnect-S

    Sight unseen, I have ordered my first e-bike, a ProConnect-S . It will be approx 2-3 months before it arrives, but should have one of the first (I dont know if that is a good thing). Has anyone else (non UK) ordered one as well, or am I the lone member?
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    ProConnect/ Agutta Owners- How is your seat comfort?

    I am trying to determine which seat to get with a new ProConnect-S, I know there is no choice, but I need one that is comfortable, not just for the Latex Brigade. Any thoughts?
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    Help needed spec'ing Pro-Connect-S

    I think I am going to go ahead with a ProConnect-S, hoping that it will have some extra "oomph" on hills, and allow me to go a bit faster, if I ever wanted to. I am MOSTLY concerned about comfort, this will be a bike just to ride to town and with the kids (kids are 25+ years), I am neither a...
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    What size Bike to order.

    I will be ordering a ProConnect-S, and since I wioll not be able to try it for size, I was wondering what thoughts you had on which size I should get for a 5'11", 155 lb person with a 32-33" inseam? 50 Cycles recommended a Large, these are the sizes available: Small 49 cm Medium 53 cm...
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    Kalkhoff ProConnect S preorders?

    Has anyone placed an advance order for a ProConnect-S ? If so, what were your reasons for choosing this over the reg. ProConnect?
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    Pedelec Speedometer / Cyclocomputer ?

    Which basic speedometer is recommended for a pedelec such as the ProConnect? I only need speed and trip distance log, but prefer something easy to read (digital) and preferably wireless. Is CatEye a good choice?
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    New Pededlec at 50Cycles?

    I received the latest newsletter from 50Cycles, which had a pix and link to the new PrConnect-S, as well as a new Pedelec, I cant remmeber the name. Unfortunately the links do not work. Does anyone have any info on these?