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    Battery for lights deal 8.4v

    Hiya Planet x are doing small and powerful Lipo 8.4v packs for lights. Cheap as cheap and includes a teeny and nifty (if slow) usb charger that upscales to 8.4v This is 5200mah pack which runs my 3 cree solar storm on max for 2 hours...
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    Making mid drive, help required.

    I thought 18a was max on the bbs01 but guess it depends on supplier. I wouldnt risk 20a on a bbs01 personally. In fact I run my bbs02 at 21a when it can be programmed for 25a
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    Best 6v direct wire light

    Evening folks Been a long time since I was last here, it was a pre C word world! I finally upgraded my controller to one with a 6v light output. I'd be grateful for the forums views on a suitable front light. I realise this 6v feed is weak but it should be fine for being seen. I have...
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    Friday silly - Halfords bargain ?! Only 1500 pounds !
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    Hot hands

    Hello and welcome bizarrely a member posted something similar the other day
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    18650 charger and also case recommends pls

    Hi all can anyone recommend a 2 or 4 x 18650 cell charger ? Market is flooded and I’d prefer tried and tested quality on my nice cells ! I’ve bought cheap before and regretted it. also can anyone locate a 2 x 18650 battery pack /container for running 8.4v dc lights ? I can find millions of 4x...
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    UK - legality of thumb-throttles in DIY conversions

    But what happens if you take the battery out of Mando ? Does the functional pedal really generate enough to power the motor /bike ? I guess they must or i struggle to see how the mando has functional pedals in any true sense.
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    UK - legality of thumb-throttles in DIY conversions

    Guess so
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    UK - legality of thumb-throttles in DIY conversions

    Oh gosh, I thought I knew this but this thread confuses me I believed full 15.5 mph throttle was legal as long as 1. It’s a conversion, not a factory built 2. The pedals must be turning for the throttle to work Is this wrong ?
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    How to remove speed limit - just bought my 1st ebike

    Pretty sure he means connectors . There is no real standard with these Chinese controllers so , for example, the Lcd connector on this may be different from any replacement You either need to solder direct or replace the connectors I think, if D8veh can cos it’s beyond me, to manage some...
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    Dual suspension passenger bike

    Soldering iron ! Doh! Cut and cauterise ! Now I feel a bit daft , so effective and simple and prevents ,as far as possible, any fraying etc I am the fool what spent the pound here , not the engineer who spent a penny :)
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    Fat people discrimination

    I think this is needless semantics to avoid the nub* of the matter tbh You know the difference between choice and discrimination really. And the point over what defines "best" is pure distraction technique (can't fault your application though :) Choice is choosing the high quality candidate...
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    Fat people discrimination

    I agree with the more cloth, more cost, pay more. Simple economics However , I wholeheartedly disagree with your analogy that suggests a personal choice in which sex to date is in anyway akin to discrimination in the workplace . You confuse choice with discrimination I choose a red car over a...
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    BBS02 Tuning for Muppets....Dillenger Switcheroonie.

    Simple answer , yes. Massively You can keep 25a max current but change the individual pas settings. Mine starts at, I think 40%, on pas1 and up to 100% on 9 That’s 40% of 25a . The drain on my 11.6ah Panasonic PF celled battery is very noticeable . Both in terms of sag and also range
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    Bafang BBS02 Stutter

    That's interesting so, for clarity , does throttle still work silky smooth whislt PAS is juddeery over 600w? Or was that a one-off?
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    Adapt a Kalkhoff to on/off button

    Can't help with the derby dealer recommend. Maybe others will know what screen it is. Maybe you can just buy a replacement from China ? The paragraph about a second motor ..., perfectly possible to have a second motor on front....but how this will interact with a crank drive I don't understand...
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    Replacement MOSFET advice, please?

    I'm 99% sure you cannot , only 1% unsure as d8veh said you can ! But I think there is misunderstand /miscommunication at play thh
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    Hi John, What's up with them exactly? Full descriptions and also pictures of the bike will help hugely I'm local btw and might be able to help out But some of those old powabykes are a right bugger to repair as they used brushed motors with hard to find controllers. And some had integrated...
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    48v is OK

    I went back again to look. You got point, that's a bezel size seen nowhere in some years !