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    Battery for lights deal 8.4v

    Hiya Planet x are doing small and powerful Lipo 8.4v packs for lights. Cheap as cheap and includes a teeny and nifty (if slow) usb charger that upscales to 8.4v This is 5200mah pack which runs my 3 cree solar storm on max for 2 hours...
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    Best 6v direct wire light

    Evening folks Been a long time since I was last here, it was a pre C word world! I finally upgraded my controller to one with a 6v light output. I'd be grateful for the forums views on a suitable front light. I realise this 6v feed is weak but it should be fine for being seen. I have...
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    Friday silly - Halfords bargain ?! Only 1500 pounds !
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    18650 charger and also case recommends pls

    Hi all can anyone recommend a 2 or 4 x 18650 cell charger ? Market is flooded and I’d prefer tried and tested quality on my nice cells ! I’ve bought cheap before and regretted it. also can anyone locate a 2 x 18650 battery pack /container for running 8.4v dc lights ? I can find millions of 4x...
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    Very old petrol bike, bsa

    I saw this in the street and loved the look of it. Any bikers out there know what it is ? Thanks
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    Diagnosis help

    Hi all , I’m looking at a fairly standard 36v rear hub setup that had a sudden total power failure I’ve check battery, outputting full 42v I’ve checked the controller is getting power, fine I’ve checked power is going to lcd , fine I’ve checked the remote switch (see pic) which is getting...
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    Ebco lsr 50

    Anyone know anything about these . Are they fairly standard 36v front hub setup ? Any odd little design or electrics to be aware of ? Got an offer to buy one cheap with a dead battery ( At the very least ) Thanks
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    Best Bodges and useful tricks

    Thought it might be useful to have a dedicated thread after my experience today Post yer best emergency bodges here ! What to do when your chain snaps, you’re 4 miles from work, 3 miles from home with no chainbreaker or quick links ? Answer , bodge it. In this I took apart my keys and used...
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    Caravan/leisure battery drain testing

    This started as a chat in a pub.... So my good friends motorhome is draining the leisure battery when not in use super fast. But he doesn’t know why. He is also not at all electrically minded My idea was to buy a simple wattmeter to stick into circuit by battery . Then you can see the drain...
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    Bbs02 crank clearance

    My bbs02 build is coming along nicely What does forum think of this crank clearance though ? Is it an issue? So close even a small gauge cable tie will foul
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    Chain advice

    Got my new bbs kit ! Any advice on chains to use with a combination of bling ring and alfine hub sprocket ? Do single speed chains work well with the bling ring ? Thanks
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    New frame bag by podsac This new bag looks a great battery/ controller...
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    Sort of a ebike , kinda , ish

    Looks like it could be fun though !
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    Ave step thru, probably stolen

    This is on my local gumtree I've asked a few questions . Owner has no idea about anything at all. Including where they bought it from for the claimed 1200 Also they claim they have given the battery and charger away...... and that's why they are selling the bike Fails the "sniff" test on...
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    Shaft drive , retrofit ?

    Is this BS please engineers ? I thought you needed a specialist frame ? Thinking building a new commuter and I like the idea of shaft drive, alfine 8 and a front hub Sussex Drive Shaft for chain less bicycles - for bikes with internal hub gears
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    Cameras. Again :)

    I know , I know - we've been here before but technology moves on hence I'm asking Anyone aware of any decent waterproof front facing camera without a extra housing ? Is there a decent knock off Cyclic maybe ? I just want something small, easy to use for safety reasons (like a car dash cam on a...
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    Excellent tyre deals

    And loads of other bits and Bobs at planet x right now There is a further 20% off the price below with code PRFINAL20 E.G. , schwalbe big Apple. And Schwalbe marathon cross and Marathon and Marathon dureme and rocket Ron all at 13 quid (actually £10.40) 99p for the sam browne belt is a...
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    Chainring issue

    So I have a sram x5 crankset (2 chainring) hooked up to my alfine 8 on rear. Front hub motor The biggest chainring is 39 tooth and I need higher gear, so 42 I gues I'm clueless here. I don't want to spend lots, hoping to buy a mid drive in New year Chainring says 120 bcd . Can I buy any 4...
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    Axle on BPM front too thick for dropouts

    Has anyone else seen this before ? I have standard 26 disc forks and an standard BPM front hub It fit fine on old bike but new one....Not a chance . As the title states the axle is too thick. Both old and new forks are standard, old school qr dropouts . Old are surly steel rigid and new magura...
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    World record attempt? Not exactly a bicycle but

    So, I've always fancied a go at a world record And I love ebikes And I have 4 kids So, I've applied to Guinness for a crack a record that I don't believe exists The fastest electric pushchair /pram in the world! There is a record for petrol driven but not electric. I don't know if they'll...