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  1. flecc

    Horse Meat Scandal - The Outcome

    Most will remember the horse meat scandal when horse meat was passed off as beef throughout Europe. At last many years later, the French man who made millions by processing 500 tonnes of horse meat as beef was finally sentenced. He got just six months imprisonment. Two Dutch men in league...
  2. flecc

    How to get legal approval for a pedelec throttle

    This thread is for all manufactured pedelecs sold after 1st January 2016 which have had no legal permission for throttles, and amateur builds such as those using motor kits. They can now be MSVA tested for a certificate of compliance with a new 250 LPM low powered moped class of pedelecs but...
  3. flecc

    Denmark allows S-pedelecs treated as normal pedelecs

    I've posted about this in the S-pedelec forum but link to it here since it's of interest to this forum: Link to item .
  4. flecc

    Denmark adopts S-Pedelecs

    Thanks to their transport minister, Denmark has become the third EU country to adopt S-pedelecs, and unusually is permitting them on normal cycle paths. Feelings are mixed about this but seem to be mainly in favour. There was an interesting spot in the radio program "You and Yours" about this...
  5. flecc

    E-biking's 20th Anniversary

    Although there were many early false starts and a complete disappearance of the e-bike concept for a long period as you can read below, e-bikes didn't truly become a known consumer product until the 1990s, 1999 in the UK. The major events in that year were the Powabyke company starting up with...
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    Test Thread - Please Ignore

    Using this only to find a facility for a member. .
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    Trump damages US Bicycle Industry

    New and existing tariffs on Chinese e-bike and motor imports will total to 36%: Information Link According to the country’s biggest bicycle importer – Huffy Corporation – it will even have devastating impact on bike sales and it will devastate the American bicycle industry. .
  8. flecc

    Huge increase in UK e-bikes

    Bike Europe reports that in the first seven months of 2018 there were imports of some 43,000 e-bikes and arrivals of new e-bikes from EU countries of some 16,000, so a total of around 59,000 for the seven months. Last years total was some 62,500, so this year's figures are going to be a sharp...
  9. flecc

    Bike Europe online e-bike magazine

    Bike Europe's latest e-bike magazine is on the link below: E-bike magazine 2nd edition .
  10. flecc

    Manchester Bike Hire under threat

    Manchester is the latest city with its bike hire scheme suffering unacceptable losses. Around 10% of their hire bikes are disappearing every month and they now say if this carries on they will have to shut down the scheme. Some end up in the canal, some are destroyed by vandalism and some...
  11. flecc

    Air Conditioning

    Our heatwaves are usually so brief I hadn't bothered to bring out my air conditioner so far this year and connect it to the exhaust duct to outdoors, but I've finally just done that with today and tomorrow OTT heatwise. Nice, windows closed and in minutes the room down by three degrees and...
  12. flecc

    Fire destroys 6000 batteries, 3000 e-bikes

    This has really stirred up a reaction in The Netherlands: Information Link .
  13. flecc

    Latest Bike Europe Online Magazine

    . June/July edition on this link .
  14. flecc

    Austria joins th e-bike boom

    We're used to the idea of e-bikes selling in vast quantities in The Netherlands and Germany, but now Austria has reached almost 20% of all bicycles sold being e-bikes and their e-MTB market is booming as well. KTM there are building a new factory to replace the old one and aim for 2019 sales to...
  15. flecc

    More fully electric buses for London

    Our 5 fully electric double decker buses are to be joined by 68 more this year, making it the largest electric bus fleet in Europe. The fleet will rise further to 240 next year. Primarily they'll be on routes travelling into central London where the pollution problems are worst. This couples...
  16. flecc

    BionX to resume production in Europe

    Following the bankruptcy of BionX Canada, BionX gmbh in Germany have announced that they are continuing to operate sales and service and are seeking to produce the motors there now. Information Link .
  17. flecc

    New London Low Emission Zone

    Cleaner air on the way for London cyclists and pedestrians. The existing Congestion Charge zone already has an extra £12.50 per day from next April for polluting older vehicles, on top of the £11.50 daily congestion charge. Now the Ultra Low Pollution Zone is to be extended out to the North...
  18. flecc

    Chris Froome wins Giro d'Italia

    Chris Froome's win of the Giro d'Italia today makes him only the third man ever to hold all three major cycle racing titles at the same time. Certainly offsets the current disappointments in football and cricket. .
  19. flecc

    New Online E-bike Magazine

    Bike Europe have started a new online e-bike magazine. First edition on this link .
  20. flecc

    The Civil Service getting it very right.

    We don't seem to get many opportunities to praise the Civil Service in their difficult jobs, but here's an exception. I'd been finding it impossible to get access to messages from HMRC to me, despite their incredibly secure multi-layer logging in procedures, so I used a contact link to relay...