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    Figuring out the wiring for a hall sensor

    Hi, We have a Giant Twist on which we are replacing the control unit. We have a problem with wiring the hall sensor. The hall sensor wires from the bike are Black/Brown/White/Grey/Orange/Green. The wires on the control unit are the standard stuff Black/Red/Blue/Green/Yellow. I'm trying to...
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    What shuts down the electrical system when it has not been used for a bit?

    Most electric bikes will turn themselves off if they are not used for a number of minutes. What component manages this? I always assumed it was the control unit box but I have a battery here that you can turn on with the key but if you leave it for about 30 minutes, it shuts down to no output...
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    Extra wires on BMS

    I've noticed that some BMS boards have more red wires than is necessary for the number of cell packs for that voltage. For instance, a 48V 16s board when you only need 13s to get to a 48V battery. What are these extra wires for and what can you do with them if you have more than is needed? I...
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    Battery Issue

    Hi all, One of my customers has a 48V 20Ah battery. When he plugs it in to the bike nothing happens at all. He assumed this was the BMS so he asked me to put a new one in which I did the old one was in wrong anyway. It had the B- going to the charger/power out and the P- going to the negative on...
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    Not sure what settings to use on battery charger/discharger

    Hi, I've got a SkyRC D100 V2 charger/discharger. I've set up a 4 cell and 6 cell testing trays wired in series. So with the 4 Cell we have a maximum charge voltage of 16.8 Volts. The question I have is that each time I put cells in to charge them and then do a discharge test on them, the...
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    Battery Tester

    Hi, Does anyone have experience with any ebike battery testers? I've got SkyRC and Nitcore gear to test individual cells but i'm looking for something that will take an 8, 10, 12, 14s systems. I would like one that will charge and discharge each cell and measure each individual cells...
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    What gauge and type of wire to use for main power

    Hi, What gauge and type of wire are you guys using for the main power and for the cable for your C- P- B- from your BMS when you rebuild batteries? It seems every time I open and older battery there is a different size wire in them. Thanks
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    Flummoxed by current capacity issue

    I know I'm not an electrical wizard but I thought I knew enough for this not to have me flummoxed the way that it does. The details: E-Bike about 5 years old with a brushless motor and hall sensors stopped working. When you turn the bike on and hit the throttle it would sort of run for about a...
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    Hi! For some reason I am not getting email alerts of replies

    Hi, I'm getting no email alerts at all for activity related to my activity. I've got all notification preferences set to ON. I've checked my spam folder. Any thoughts?
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    We can't find the controller we need

    Hi, We are working on an Urban Mover with a bad PAS. These bikes have a funky old PAS sensor system so we are converting it to a regular sensor. The motor has no hall sensors but does have the 3 wires for a speed sensor. We need to purchase a sensorless controller with PAS, Throttle and LED or...
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    Hello from Cardiff!

    Hi, We have a bike shop in Penarth Wales. The popularity of Ebikes is really taking off but it seems that most shops do not want to work on them. So, we are setting out to be able to learn all that we can so we can help people with their bikes and batteries when they can't get help anywhere...