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  1. OldBob1

    BMS fails pack

    Welcome I would check the output voltage of the original charger and if thats OK charge with that, but leave on after charger has stopped charging to allow BMS to balance the cell pack. Good luck Bob
  2. OldBob1

    New Gtech ebike

    Yep horses for coarses, spot on.
  3. OldBob1

    Has Cyclezee ceased trading?

    Have a GREAT retirement you deserve it (from one who knows) Bob
  4. OldBob1

    Newby from West Midlands

  5. OldBob1

    Riese & Muller Tinker - quality of front suspension?

    I would also recommend a suspension seat post on 20 inch wheel bike.
  6. OldBob1

    Riese & Muller Tinker - quality of front suspension?

    I would also recommend suspension seat post on 20 " wheel bike.
  7. OldBob1

    Which scenario drains the most battery?

    Also another variable is that once the motor starts turning, back emf enters the equation apposing the current from the controller.
  8. OldBob1

    Thanks and see you later

    Sad to see you go, all the best for the future Dave.
  9. OldBob1

    The G-Tech e-bike

    Should be plenty of them in the future for us to buy cheap and modify to a descent E-bike with gears, mud guards lights and cruise control:D
  10. OldBob1

    Winter Ride

    Get an auto car Dave:)
  11. OldBob1

    Hi from Italy

    Welcome, the smile says it all enjoy. Bob.
  12. OldBob1

    Hi from Mike

    Welcome, with this good weather I would spend your time having as many test rides as you can, it will show you the different types and their pros and cons, also it will put a BIG smile on your face. Engoy:)
  13. OldBob1

    What to look for - Bike for occasional use tootling around France

    Hi Louise, If you are only going to use the bike in France I would try out as many different bikes over here to find what type suits you, then when in France find a dealer over there that can supply, service and maintain the bike you like. Bob
  14. OldBob1

    Battery help

    Powering a kids ride on truck 50 amp load demand? Is it to break a world record, a powered hand drill could power one of them and climb brick walls
  15. OldBob1

    Newbie looking to buy this weekend

    DO NOT RUSH IT. Take your time and try as many models and types you can. Before you invest a large amount of money! Check it out you may find a model half the cost and just spend an extra £10 or 20 on a different saddle or tyres?
  16. OldBob1

    I need to carry it upstairs!!!!

    Hi if your existing bike is fine to do you for other times? would your employer of this problem site be prepared to supply a bike plastic shed to store your bike in or go 50/50 ? He might even put an electrical supply to it? Bob
  17. OldBob1

    More cyclotricity problems

    That does sound more like a battery or electrical connection problem. voltage on battery should be the same which ever way the battery is at?
  18. OldBob1

    Electric Planes

    I can see a time when electric power helium balloons could carry frieght or cruise passengers as speed is not a problem and no need of a large area of land for a runway. lift consumes the power in aircraft witch is reduced in balloon flight.
  19. OldBob1

    Whyte Clifton opinions please.

    welcome it looks a good bike? But I would strongly suggest you take a bit of time and try a few different types out. A step through and throttle control is worth thinking about more so in the future. Your future mobility awaits and enjoy. Bob
  20. OldBob1

    Spoke advice

    Try your local bike shop? he may have just the right one.