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  1. OldBob1

    Motor P1 setting?

    Hi Folks, I am tinkering with an old E-Mtb ( it has a direct drive motor. Have fitted a SO6S controller and S_LCD display. All seems to work OK, but not sure what would be the best setting for P1 in advance mode, seems to run OK at...
  2. OldBob1

    Electric cars new?

    We seem to be ahead of the game in this Country? Did you see this: BBC News - The Enfield Thunderbolt: An electric car before its time Or is it light years:rolleyes: Bob
  3. OldBob1

    A sort of beastmatic !!!

    I aquired a cheap folder at a low price, it was fitted with a 24 volt NiHm battery which was on its last legs. After reading the many inputs about the beastmatic, I thought what can I do to this folder? This is how it looks at the moment fitted rear rack with 36 Volt 10 Ah battery, new...
  4. OldBob1

    Controller question

    I am messing about with a YK31C brushed controller and the question is can I fit a PAS sensor paralled with twist grip? or will it be to harsh in operation? There is no connection on controller for PAS that I can see. Bob.:)
  5. OldBob1

    PAS sensor how to get at it?

    Messing about with an old folder, replace brush motor controller fitted throttle and brake switches but need to get at the PAS sensor? Old Controller In Bottom Bracket Photo by dafferbob | Photobucket Any advise? Bob:confused:
  6. OldBob1

    Laser navigation for bikes

    Heres another gizmo to add to your bike:confused: Open Sight Bob:)
  7. OldBob1

    Controller connectors?

    Hello Folks I am messing about with a Yiyun YK31C controller, the controller has special connectors on the leads, can I get the ones to fit them over here? i.e. Maplins or RS Components. Regards Bob:confused:
  8. OldBob1

    Folding Bike information?

    Hi I have acquired a Twister folding bike which is fitted with a San Jiang hub motor in the rear wheel, 24 volt Ni-Mh. I have managed to repair the battery to bike connector and a few other dodgy connections in the wiring and it now runs(Peddle assist only). Does any one have information on...
  9. OldBob1

    Is there a problem with the web site?

    I seem to have had a problem using the site Saturday night, the page took ages to load and was saying it was waiting for advertisments or facebook? Checked my other web site forums that I also use and had no problem with them. Bob
  10. OldBob1

    Hi new convert

    Hi Folks I am over 65 and suffering from circulation problems in my legs, which is restricting the distances I can walk, that is where I thought an electric bike could be usefull, if the legs started to get cramp in them I can still get home on the electric motor! Well I bought a second hand...