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  1. PastyMan

    DIY Battery voltage display

    Uses one of these, with a slot cut in the case, piece of acrylic on top. Meter is powered from a button cell, to save space. No external switches - to avoid water ingress - just hold your phone case close to switch the display on. Reed switch inside the case is operated by the magnet on the...
  2. PastyMan

    Mosfet question

    Checking them on my eZee conversion controller I got the following values in k ohms. Green Yellow Blue + 120 70 50 _ 90 60 30 Looking at stuff on the web suggests they should lie in a similar range of values. Do these values suggest anything abnormal? Thanks
  3. PastyMan

    Help! Throttle, which connection is which?

    Lots of videos on this but they all have stripped cable showing wire colours. But I don't want to cut into my connector(s). So is there a safe way with a multimeter to work out + - and sensor? Using either the male or female (throttle end) connection. I don't want to short or damage anything...
  4. PastyMan

    Motor still runs when I stop pedalling

    Happens occasionally, but becoming more frequent. Applying a brake has no effect unless I hold it on for about 20 seconds then release. Any ideas on the cause? Is it simple to fix? Thanks. eZee Mk2 700c rear wheel conversion, 8 years old.
  5. PastyMan

    16g spokes

    Needed for my eZee conversion rear wheel, 223mm length. Can't find a supplier. A forum search was no good as 16g was rejected as too short a word.
  6. PastyMan

    Weinmann XTB26 rim

    My ezee rear conversion came with the above rim. It now has a flat spot so I'm looking to replace it but can't find any. Does anyone know of a suitable substitute? Thanks
  7. PastyMan

    Wooo, done me conversion.

    Great stuff, rear wheel eZee conversion on Ridgeback Supernova. Cycling is now fun again!
  8. PastyMan

    Did you customise your first purchase?

    Just curious how many of you accept what dealers offer, or want to personalise your purchase.
  9. PastyMan

    Hi from Cornwall

    At age 60 and with a sedentary lifestyle I need some exercise and always enjoyed cycling. Would enjoy a bike to get to work (9.5 miles) but lots of hills, therefore thinking electric as don't want to get to work knackered. Here in Cornwall only 3 suppliers; Camcorne, Truro, Bugle. Had a try out...