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    350W yose engine cuts

    Hi! I was wondering if I can get your help and maybe your wisdom. I have a 350w rear hub engine that I bought at yosepower. When using pedaling assist, after 4 or 5 seconds of start pedaling it cuts off and then starts again. It makes a (not loud tac) sound. Also, when using the 6km option...
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    Yose power built in controller wiering

    Hi! I have two yosepower rear hub kits with the controller built in on the support battery rack. Is it possible to plug the head and tail lights in this controller? If someone has done this wiering I woul apreciate some information about how to do it. Thanks! Regards
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi! My name is Ricardo and I'm from Porto, Portugal. Me and my wife, we both have e-bikes. (and another two "standard") I was looking for some info and I found out this website. Cheers all!