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    Silent Wing(Xipi)

    If your after something with abit of umphfff head over to i assure you that you wont be disappointed, or better still speak/email Frank.
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    For Sale Upgraded Freego Hawk crossbar (red)

    Hi to everyone who reads this For Sale Ad. I have a dual power 250/500watt ebike for sale. Upgrade was done in October of last year by a profesional conversion company. Everything is in pristine condition. Had the orginal Freego Hawk since the end of 2016. It has not been ragged about.
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    Since having my new ebike its developed a slight grinding noise when free hand spin the wheel. Cant hear it when the motor is on. Any ideas please. Thanks. Andy
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    A full twist throttle

    Evening All, does anybody know how to fix a throttle that sticks when twisted and does not spring back. Not in the habit of having the S@#! scared out of me lol. Thanks. Andy.
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    How would i find out what the torque is on a 2000watt ebike that has 56volt/15amp hour battery and 40amp hi-powered 18 mosfet controller. The wheel size is 29 by 2.25. Im 101kgs, 5'10" and eMTB which is a converted Coyote Lexington 21speed weighs in total 36kgs(bike and ekit) Any help on this...
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    High power controller and battery

    Comments welcome on a 56volt 15amp/hour battery and a 40amp high powered 18 mosfet controller for 2000watt ebike for 21speed Coyote Lexington 29er.
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    Coyote Lexington ebike 2000watt

    Anybody have this ebike and hows it running?
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    Coyote Lexington emtb 29er

    Whats your take on this model for an ebike upgrade. Comments welcome.
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    Coyote Lexington ebike 2000watt

    Has anybody bought an ebike from Hi-powercycles U.K if so hows it going?
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    Hi-Power bikes

    Good evening to all, has anybody had any dealings with Hi- Powerbikes U.K. from Daventry and if so have you bought an ebike from them and hows it doing. Thanks.
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    Richbit eMTB

    Hi all, i was just wondering if someone could give the heads up on a Richbit 1000w eMTB. Thanks.
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    Ive just had a Cyclotricity 250/500watt dual power kit fitted with a KT-LCD1. The setting P1 is default at 46 and i dont know what its for. Is this correct. Thanks.
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    Does anybody know what the torque is of a 500watt cyclotricty kit that will be running off a 36volt battery and the controller is 30amp so i believe. Thank you.
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    Good evening all, does anybody know what torque i would get from a 500watt rear wheel motor with a 36volt battery and a 30amp controller. Thank you.
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    Good afternon does anybody know what the Amp is of a Cyclotricity controller on 250/500watt conversion kit? My current controller is 15A on 250watt. Thank you.
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    Upgrade a freego hawk

    Id like to know if its at all possible to upgrade my 250watt standard hub to a 500watt hub
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    Freego Hawk crossbar

    Looking to upgrade the 250watt hub to a 500watt hub but need to squeeze the back forks to 135mm space. Can this be done safely? Thank you for looking.
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    Freego Hawk crossbar

    Looking to upgrade the 250watt hub to a 500watt hub but need to squeeze the back forks to 135mm space. Can this be done safely? Thank you for looking
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    Freego Hawk or Freego Eagle crossbar...which is the better ebike?
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    Freego hawk crossbar..amazing

    I need to get some ebike insurance for myself and Blaze. Does anybody recommend a good ebike insurance company. Thanks for reading this.