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  1. RobF

    Is the ebike market moving upwards?

    There's no doubt there are more ebikes about than a few years ago. But from my inevitably limited observations, the proportion of quality crank drive bikes on the road has increased even more. During a recent trip to the Lake District I saw six or seven ebikes, all but one was a crank drive...
  2. RobF

    Riese and Muller Charger GX Rohloff

    My Riese and Muller Charger GX Rohloff has done more than 600 miles now so time for a review. I bought the bike direct from the importer Amps, and dealt with the managing director David Miall. David enjoys a good reputation on the forum, and is a pleasure to deal with. He is also properly...
  3. RobF

    Impact of rider weight on range

    I wonder what impact rider weight has on the range of en ebike? Put another way, how far would the bike go with a notional weightless rider? The type of bike doesn't really matter, seems to me all the legal ones give about the same range, give or take. My experience is with Bosch, and I can...
  4. RobF

    Rose/Bosch trekking ebike

    My Rose ebike is for sale having given good service for five years and about 4,000 miles. It's on ebay, mostly because my brother in Oxfordshire borrowed it for a few weeks so it's being sold from there. EbayPaypal also gives the buyer some protection, not that you will need it. Fair bit of...
  5. RobF

    I wonder how often this happens?

    Quite a few posters who ask for advice about a bike are never seen again after buying one. Hopefully, they are happy with their purchase, but I suspect many ebikes - like ordinary bikes - are bought with the best intentions, but then used only a handful of times. An example appears to be a...
  6. RobF

    New Bosch battery

    In my quest for longer range I've decided to give one of the German pattern batteries for my Bosch bikes a try. The one I have is 468wh, about 60wh more than the biggest capacity official battery. The battery arrived well-packed from Germany, taking only a few days despite the website saying...
  7. RobF

    My dream ebike

    Despite the enormous choice of ebikes, there is one that I keep coming back to as my dream machine. It's a Riese and Muller Charger GX Rohloff. There's lots to like about it, the Rohloff/enclosed chain transmission should be about as long lasting and low maintenance as it's possible to get...
  8. RobF

    Is this the most over-priced ebike?

    A generic Chinese 20" wheel step-through for £1,449. I reckon a realistic asking price would be less than half that.
  9. RobF

    Ebikes on the telly

    Sky is launching a 24hr cycling channel. No doubt it will mostly be about unpowered cycling, but ebikes do get a mention in the blurb:
  10. RobF

    I wonder how this happened?

    I spotted some scrape marks on one of my Bosch batteries but can't work out how they happened. Happily, the integrity of the case has not been affected, so I'm just curious. The marks must have happened yesterday on a 100 mile train assisted ride I did from Berwick to Newcastle. Nothing...
  11. RobF

    Wringing mileage out of a Bosch battery

    With my 90 mile Berwick ride in mind I've been seeing how far I can get on eco assist setting on my Rose/Bosch bike. The second bar on the indicator went out today at 38 miles. The indicator has five bars and is fairly linear. Even ignoring the last bar, I reckon a range of 70+ miles is...
  12. RobF

    Do you swing both ways?

    I know some of you do - ride powered and unpowered bicycles. I've recently joined that select band with the purchase of a Cannondale mountain bike. It's taken me a month or two to get to grips with it, but I can now manage - and enjoy - rides of up to 20 miles. While I don't plan to abandon...
  13. RobF

    Cheapest Bosch bike?

    What is the cheapest Bosch bike? My nomination - which I'm sure can be beaten - is a range of Ghost/Bosch bikes all at £1,459.27 from the German retailer in the link. It says VAT and carriage included, so there should be no extras. The bikes themselves look fine, Ghost is a good make and all...
  14. RobF

    A short ride on an expensive bike

    Thanks to forum member Croxden I had a ride on his Haibike XDuro All MTN Pro. It's a full suspension Bosch bike with the performance motor and top spec kit all round, including the newish Shimano 11 speed cassette and a dropper seat post. Croxden led the ride on his Delite along a shortened...
  15. RobF

    Another serious contender

    I see Trek has launched a small range of Bosch e-mtbs. It appears some effort has been made, Trek has redesigned the motor casing to give shorter chain stays for sharper handling, and included a bash guard. I'd not heard of the new Treks until a couple of days ago when I saw a couple in a bike...
  16. RobF

    Keeping up with a roadie

    I - perhaps unwisely - attempted a 100 mile ride with a roadie. We started from Manchester Piccadilly station at 8.45am with the intention of reaching Llandudno in North Wales for a train back at 5.30pm. Because of the travelling, I used my MH7, which is a 20" wheel dongle free Bosch bike. I...
  17. RobF

    Hub gears and throttle for £1,000

    Having gained a reputation locally as an ebike expert, I have been asked to recommend a bike with hub gears and a throttle for about £1,000. The one that immediately springs to mind is eZee Sprint 8, but I don't know if it has a throttle. The web page doesn't mention one, but something rings a...
  18. RobF

    The Brommie's gone

    After some soul searching, I decided it was time to sell my Brompton Nano. Much as I like it, it was only being used for short journeys, and sometimes being used just to condition the battery. I didn't 'pop it in the boot of the car' as often as I thought I would, and taking the MH7 in the car...
  19. RobF

    What watts?

    I am more and more drawn to the idea of a converted crank drive mountain bike for winter/trails. But what kit? I had a brief go on an 8Fun 250W and liked a lot about it - neat, quiet, reasonably smooth power delivery. It was only a short ride, but I was expecting to feel more grunt. I take...
  20. RobF

    Lack of chain wear

    The chain was checked on my Rose yesterday - the mechanic pronounced next to zero wear. Not bad considering it's been on for a year or so. Certainly gives the lie to the notion Bosch bikes eat chains. Why is it doing so well? Hard to say, but it's a £30 Dura-Ace, so should be good quality...