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    Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Bike £399

    Dont know if this is any good but certainly seems cheap. says reduced from £1000, look forward to your comments Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Bike - Welcome to the Future - The Sports HQ What the blurb says Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Bike Until this point, electric bikes...
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    folding paratrooper video Montague Electric Folding MTB Just noticed Steve at has put some video on there putting my folding paratrooper through its paces (well not actually mine but close enough). Cool makes me want to shoot some, although me falling on my ar*e...
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    Quick release cable thingies

    I have a spare back wheel for my bike (without motor). And I would like to get another front wheel and fit knobblies so that I can convert my MTB back to std from time to time. Currently the controller is bolted under the saddle so I was thinking i would get another post and saddle to do a quick...
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    Continental Contact Security 08 - £14.99

    Hi Just had my 7th puncture in 700 miles and now had enough? The tyre is very difficult to get off the back rim for some reason and to make matters worse I was 5 miles from home and my pump didn't work. Gave up and called in the rescue brigade (girlfriends mum and dad) to come and collect me...
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    light recommentations

    Hi there I currently have two cat eye LED syle lights on the front of my bike. Neither of which I would class as particularly cheap. Cateye EL530 Front Light Only £35.99 Also have another Cat eye one that has about 5 large LED's in it (cannot find it on the web sorry) Problem is, even...
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    Easy ride - Hilarious marketing video

    YouTube - Lithium battery foldable electric bicycle Well as soon as they told me it was earthquake proof I was sold :D Not laughed so hard in ages
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    to charge or not to charge? that is my question

    I have seen people calculate the life of their batteries by taking the maximum range, say 20 miles, and then multiplying by the number of charge cycles quoted by the manufacture of the battery. 500x20= 10,000 for example I was wondering, what about if you regularly do not discharge your...
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    Montague Folding Paratrooper Mountain Bike

    Hi All Thought it was about time that I wrote a little bit about my bike. I purchased it about 2 months ago from Steve at He will spec the bike however suits you best and spent ages on the phone with me due to being very enthusiastic about electric bikes. First...