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  1. wheeliepete

    Wanted Chainring Adapter or Bling Ring

    Hi all Bit of a long shot, but has anyone got an unwanted PreciAlps or Luna 130bcd chainring adapter for a bbshd collecting dust? Alteratively, a 36 tooth Bling Ring for same may also do the job. I'm fitting a Rohloff Speedhub to my bike and now the chainline needs to move around 10mm outboard.
  2. wheeliepete

    A venture into the unknown

    So, in my quest to further my knowledge of all types of ebikes and against all that I hold dear, I have just purchased a Bosch CX powered bike:eek:supposedly in need of some work on the motor:eek::eek:. I know, what on earth was i thinking, it's going to be a disaster, but the thirst for...
  3. wheeliepete

    Bosch Charger

    Just spotted this while looking for something else.
  4. wheeliepete

    Battery Couriers

    Thought it might be useful to the forum to find out about a UK courier who is willing to transport battery packs or cells as it's a problem that comes up fairly regularly. I plan to give Jimmy a call next week, as I'm sure he would be willing to share info with the forum and he must be using...
  5. wheeliepete

    Headlight Control Function on KT LCD3

    Trying to figure out how this works, but can't find any info. My 36/48v KT controller has light/horn output, but is configured to use an external switch. I am trying to use the backlight/headlight function on the LCD. I have battery voltage between the green and blue wires, but it is constant as...
  6. wheeliepete

    350 W Panasonic Motor

    Just spotted these for sale and thought they may be of interest to Kalkhoff owners.
  7. wheeliepete

    Suggestions for a set of panniers

    Looking at getting a pair of panniers for general use, shopping etc. don't need to be 100% waterproof. Some seem too cheap to be any good, but it's not something I have ever bought, so havn't a clue what I'm looking at.
  8. wheeliepete

    Brake cut off query

    Can I connect a 3 wire brake cut off to a 2 wire connection on a KT controller?
  9. wheeliepete

    Good deal on 36/48v controller and LCD

    Spotted this earlier, anybody looking for a cheap duel voltage controller and LCD. I think D8veh used one of these on a recent build. Also noticed PSWPower on Aliexpress have new stock of sine wave controllers...
  10. wheeliepete

    electrical question

    Thought I had my volts/watts/amps sorted, but not sure on this one. 3x12v 20w bulbs in series for battery drain test. Do I combine the watts ie; 60, or is it 36v 20w load?
  11. wheeliepete

    First legal build

    Got a sudden urge to put together a lightish 36v rear hub bike for a bit more of a workout. Got a KT 36/48v controller, pas etc. on the way from PSW Power and looking at the cassette motors on BMS Batteries. Am I right in thinking the 201 rpm 800w Q128H or 201 rpm 350w Q100H are the best choice...
  12. wheeliepete

    Great new battery mounting kit

    Just spotted this for sale, only £1500!!:eek:any takers?
  13. wheeliepete

    Anyone lost a Wisper in London area?

    Spotted this one earlier on 1 day listing
  14. wheeliepete

    Any UK manufacturers looking at the Bafang M drive

    Not sure if I am asking somthing that nobody will want to answer, but I'm curious to know if any of you on here see it as a serious choice for future models. It does look a very slick unit with impresive performance figures and it will be OPEN SOURCE!! Not that I'm bias or anything!!
  15. wheeliepete

    Greetings from Devon

    Hi All Thought it about time I posted something on here after lurking and learning for some time. I've been fixing/breaking/building (not sure which I've done more of) and riding ebikes for a couple of years and I hope something of what I have learnt may be of use to some on here.