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    Not strictly ebike related but if i bought an ebike with a double chainring, would it be possible to use just one ring and be able to use all of the 8 speed cassette. Can the double ring be moved, leaving one of the rings in line with centre of cassette. Or remove a ring and shim the other to...
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    Kit controller

    If you buy a kit with the vlcd5, is that a controller or just a display.
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    Gtech front wheel conversion

    Have seen a post on here saying the gtech motor is a bafang hub. Would it possible to buy a front bafang motor and connect to the original battery/controller. Change rear to an igh and keep the belt.
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    Rear hub to front

    Can a rear hub motor be moved to the front, is it just the physical size that allows or prevents it.
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    Covering battery

    Is it safe to cover a battery in something like this
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    Price difference

    I'm thinking of buying the orbea gain, with drop bars, single chain ring and wide tyres. The d31 has all 3 at £2600. The d50 has double chain ring but thinner tyres at £1800 and the f40 has single ring, wide tyres but flat bars at £1700. The d31 has sram rival components, are these really worth...
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    Looking at getting a new bike with gears but never having had a bike with gears before, could i ask a probably stupid question. If the bike has 16 gears (2 at front 8 at back) when you want to change from 8th to 9th etc. do you have to click up 1 at front and click all the way back down to 1st...
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    Riding over 15mph

    I'm considering upgrading from my gtech to something with gears. Riding after the cut off point is not particularly noticeable except for my legs spinning too fast. I presume having gears would stop this but would the extra weight have a negative effect. I have read of people feeling like they...
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    front hub on a gtech

    is there any reason why i can't add a front hub motor with a throttle to my gtech.
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    such a thing as

    an internal gear hub with integrated motor, googling seems to come up with lots of variations on geared motors which i'm sure is not the same thing. just wondered if there was a kit that had motor and gears in one unit.
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    cycling getting harder

    had my bike for over a month now and it seems that it's getting harder to peddle. i'm getting to and from work faster each day but my legs are aching more now than they did when i first started. i'm almost sure it's because i'm out of assist a lot more now. have other people experienced this.
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    short list

    got a short list of, raleigh strada e, cube suv hybrid pro and haibike sduro cross. looking at using for commuting about 5 mile each way with hills, weekends on country roads, cycle trails and around reservoirs etc. will try them first but would like any views of personal experiences on any of...
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    hi, opinions wanted

    50 year old bloke and wife looking at getting a couple of e bikes, last bike was a raleigh chopper back in the 70's so no experience of cycling. got a caravan in the peak district and the other week hired a couple of bikes to ride on the monsal trail and we enjoyed it so we are looking at...