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  1. HelenJ

    First attempt ebike conversion

    notebook5 has been messaged, thanks for reports flagging everyone.
  2. HelenJ

    Happy Christmas all!

    Morning everyone. I'm just pausing parsnip peeling to wish you all the merriest of Christmases. Also a little thank you from myself and Russ to both the traders that support this forum as well as all the other members posting too of course. Thanks so much to the regulars alerting me to spam...
  3. HelenJ


    I've messaged you.
  4. HelenJ

    For Sale Whyte Hybrid, Yose 350w, 36v 13ah £400 ono

    Sounds as though there's some sort of error happening with classifieds listings, we'll need to take a look at it.. please bear with us..
  5. HelenJ

    Newbie interested in folding bikes

    I have just messaged you regarding advertising on Pedelecs as I don't appear to have received an email or message from you.
  6. HelenJ

    Happy Christmas!

    It’s a little late I know, but happy Christmas everyone. Usual busy day here looking after everyone and eating waaay too much Hope you’ve all had a lovely day too. (Thanks again to everyone reporting spam posts this year, I always appreciate it. )
  7. HelenJ

    I’m new to ebikes.

    Thank you, spam poster removed.
  8. HelenJ

    My name is Nick

    Thanks :) Removed.
  9. HelenJ

    shadow banned from emtb forums

    Confess this did confuse me at first, but as above, it's not this site.. (but thank you to the person that flagged this for us to check). Just an update on the migration, it's not complete yet and we're not sure how much longer that's going to take yet, so please bear with us if this does affect...
  10. HelenJ

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Just to wish you a lovely day whatever you're doing. Helen & Russ
  11. HelenJ

    Battery Welder

    Deleted. Thanks to everyone for continuing to report posts like this.
  12. HelenJ

    Happy Christmas everyone

    It's going to be a lot quieter in this household today, just us 4. I hope you all have a merry Christmas, here's to health and happiness. Helen & Russ
  13. HelenJ


    I should have realised requesting civilised posts would be like catnip to SW :oops: Tomorrow is a fresh start..
  14. HelenJ


    Oh dear. I had hoped exchanges would settle down. Could we please be constructive and respectful.
  15. HelenJ

    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    Good morning Bus biker, thanks for sharing this - the perfect example of combining the flexibility of an e-bike and putting it to the best possible use at the moment. I'll message you for more information shortly but keep up the sterling efforts in the meantime :) Hopefully one or two more...
  16. HelenJ

    Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?

    Morning all. I am on the hunt for silver linings. Has anyone switched to e-bike from public transport in the light of COVID19 for essential journeys and/or have a positive story to tell about the role of their pedelec at the moment? Can you message me if so please? Am hoping there might be a few...
  17. HelenJ

    What's happening at 50 Cycles?

    ebiker - just to answer this, we removed this post as it was purely promotional, ad images + links etc.
  18. HelenJ

    Happy Christmas everyone

    I hope you all have a lovely Christmas whatever you’re all up to - we hope you have fun. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020 too. All the best Helen & Russ
  19. HelenJ

    My first off and it was a strange one

    Can we please think of the OP here and keep spats out of it, sounds to me like kingsknight has had a rough enough week.
  20. HelenJ

    Brexit, for once some facts.

    Good morning all! Can we please try to be polite and disagree with each other's ideas respectfully. Getting a bit fed up with having to get the digital bucket of water and soap out to clean up various scum/tw@t/nazi/sphincter (all delightful) references. They are just insults and don't further...