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    Ebike motor repair

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    Alternative to suspension forks?

    There is suspension stems available...
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    1st Bafang conversion -sense check

    Hi, I had to fit this to my downtube as the bottle bolts on the frame were not in the centre of the frame...
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    K.O.M rear hub

    An interesting video from Peak Torque about K.O.M rear hub design. Bicycle hubs - A complete re-design. ( Landing | KOM Bikes (
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    Brake calipers quality

    Try Jagwire compressionless outer housing and Kool Stop Supra 2 brake blocks
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    Problem with Proprietary Tech

    Bikes in general have this problem. Aero shaped seatposts, handlebars and stems that only fit a particular bike, numerous bottom bracket standards.
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    Press fit bb and mid drive onversion

    I dont know if any of these adapters will work. Bafang spares and replacement parts for BBS01B, BBS02B and BBSHD parts. (
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    What do you think of my new bike?

    Next bike? BBS02 with Alfine rear hub, normal rack, carbon fork or suspension stem.
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    3-D Printer

    3D Scanning DIY vs Professional Tools to make Carbon Bike parts #engineering #carbon - YouTube
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    What do you think of my new bike?

    Here is my opinion on rear racks. The rear triangle rack stays prevent a rear rack from twisting, this movement is caused by an uneven loading of panniers and other factors. I would be surprised if anybody weighs their panniers when loading and dont go over the racks weight limit. This twisting...
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    Help! Conversion suggestions

    I think mid drives work best with a rear internal geared hub such as Alfine or Rohloff , that way you can have a constantly good chainline. Doing this takes away one of the advantages of a mid drive, this is the ability to swap wheels easily. I would go for a torque sensor rear hub. buy from...
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    Black Friday sales

    This bike company is closing down so good deals on children and adult bikes. Adult and electric bikes – Islabikes
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    Road Bike Conversion - 130mm OLD - Which kit / motor?

    The washers mentioned in the link are handy if your front fork has lips, they allow bolts, other washers and torque arms to be fitted against a fully flat surface.
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    Road Bike Conversion - 130mm OLD - Which kit / motor?

    C washers might help if fitting a front motor. C washers for sale | eBay
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    Help! Conversion suggestions

    I have tried front hub, rear hub and BBS02, if i was going to do it again i would go for a rear torque sensor rear hub. The BBS02 is great but even with a gear sensor fitted i found getting a good chainline difficult and gear changes at times annoying. Mid drives motor are a bit like marmite...
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    What do you think of my new bike?

    What about Torquere? Latin torquēre The term torque (from Latin torquēre, 'to twist') is said to have been suggested by James Thomson and appeared in print in April, 1884. Nice bike, its good to see different systems being used, i prefer the traditional rear rack set up. I wonder if it is...
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    mtb front mudguard options?

    You can fit a full size mudguard using p clips or the below...
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    Why dont they make ebike motors with thru axles?

    I was wondering why they don't make ebike motors with thru axles. This would save filling dropouts down and the frame width is wide enough. Maybe the torque would break the frames?
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    Mountain bike brake pads

    Look stop Supra 2, I have used both the red / black mix and black Red colour is known as salmons Kool Stop's black pads are intended for mostly dry conditions and wear better than the salmons. The salmon pads are superior in the wet but wear faster.