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    UK suppliers for conversion kits

    I've bought two DWG22C rear-wheel kits from Woosh and both were just plug & play. The first one went on my tandem and has now done over 4K trouble free* miles in the three years since it was fitted. The 2nd DWG22C kit went on a solo bike and has been similarly fault free. *I did rebuild the...
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    How do you deal with a puncture/breakdown when out?

    If you have bar-ends, there's no need for handlebar stands - just slacken and rotate the bar-ends and they will support the bars while the bike is inverted. The last time I had a flat on the rear motor wheel on my tandem it was due to a failure of the inner tube rubber at the joint with the...
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    Tire Pressure....

    I'm inclined to agree with Andy Blance at Thorn cycles that many riders use tyre pressures that are far too high. Have a look at his suggestions on Page 40 of the Thorn Mega-Brochure: Frank Berto's method of aiming for a 15% deflection...
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    Mirrors...or Not ?

    I didn't use a mirror in my younger days when I could easily turn my head to check behind, but as previous contributors have stated, I would now feel quite exposed without a mirror. I've used several different types and found Mirrcycle mirrors to be excellent, but I ended up breaking a...
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    Suspension seat post

    Another vote for the Suntour NCX from me too. We have one on the back of the tandem and I have one on my hack bike for taking the worst of the shocks out of our pock-marked urban roads. If you can stretch to it, I think the parallelogram types are worth the extra cost over the telescopic variety.
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    Fitting a whoosh conversion kit to a Thorn Raven

    On the 'Endless Sphere' web-site, torque arms have been / are discussed to quite a depth. If you want to gain additional knowledge, have a look at these threads:
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    Front 3 sprocket crankset change

    There are some things to think about if you are changing the crankset. You might find it worth looking at a few articles like these for background info: When rebuilding...
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    Mounting a battery on Triangular tubing?

    My 'El Cheapo' Apollo Belmont hack bike has a similar triangular shaped downtube. Like you, I was also a bit concerned about the potential stress on the bottle mounts, so I fitted one of these: I attached the adaptrail bracket to the bike using the...
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    Wooshing along on a DWG22C – 3,000 miles and counting …

    Yep, the cable exits the motor the correct way. That said, we're very much fair weather cyclists these days, so the bike tends not to be exposed to adverse weather conditions anyway.
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    Wooshing along on a DWG22C – 3,000 miles and counting …

    I fitted a Woosh DWG22C kit to my tandem in March 2021. I documented my experience with this e-bike conversion (my first) in an earlier thread. Since then, we’ve covered just over 3,000 miles so I...
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    Following on from my introduction to this forum I have questions

    I must admit to being a bit confused by this piece of guidance - which does seem to be the consensus view from several very knowledgable members of this forum. Can I ask why this is case, as my manual from Woosh states exactly the opposite: "Plug the charger into the socket on the right-side...
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    'Pinion - MGU' - Motor and Gearbox combined

    Thanks flecc - I noticed Soundwave's post just I after I hit the 'Enter' key - must pay more attention in class :)
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    'Pinion - MGU' - Motor and Gearbox combined

    A new type of e-bike motor has been introduced by German company Pinion and it looks very interesting. When I first stumbled across the Pinion gearbox, I thought it would be an excellent device to incorporate into an e-bike if it were to be combined with a mid-motor. Pinion clearly had similar...
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    Tyre pressures

    I run the normal MP's (size 700 x 38) not the tour model, on both my tandem and solo (size 700 x 38) and go for 60psi front / 65psi rear on the tandem and 50 psi front / 55 psi rear on my solo. I haven't had any 'moments' with them, but I rarely ride in the wet or especially aggressively as I...
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    Woosh xf08c cassette with rear rack battery

    Decent HRM figures, so obviously the bike wasn't doing all the work :).
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    Why would my ebike motor start running when brakes are de-pressed?

    If the brakes are depressed, is there anything you could do to cheer them up? :) (I'll get my coat .....) Even if some parts / repairs are required, that looks like a pretty decent machine for only £80 - nice find!
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    Building new rear for mountian bike

    I would check the ERD on the actual rim you intend to use before you order any spokes. I have used Ryde Sputnik rims in the past and the ERD can vary by several mm (600mm to 606mm) from rim to rim. That is enough to make quite a difference to the required spoke length. I have used the Grin...
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    Server move

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    Ebikes and exercise goals ? Really ?

    I have Woosh DWG22C kits fitted to our tandem and to a solo bike. As I still want to get some exercise, I tend to use low assistance levels. The DWG22C is probably slightly overkill for a solo as it can provide a lot of assistance. I normally use Level 2 (of 5) on either bike. This suits us...
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    Battery charging anomalies

    vidtek - I spoke with a friend who studied electronics at Uni and has worked on (Industrial) electric motor control systems for many years. He pretty much stated the same things as you have above. Woosh - I wasn't overly concerned, but am one of those irritating people who likes to understand...