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    Help! Panasonic Motor - Replacement battery

    Try Torqu-e-cycles, Babbacombe, Torquay TQ1 3SR . Tele 01803 325945 . They are opening on Tuesday 4/10/23, after a shop refurb. They recell batteries, I'm waiting to call them re my battery - not the same as yours but worth a call?
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    eBike batteries have ceased trading

    According to the ebike batteries website, Jimmy is in ill-health and so his business will be closed for an indefinite period. Let's hope he is able to return to good health - his battery re-celling service will be badly missed. Does the forum have an alternative recommendation for battery...
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    Old Panasonic Kalkhoffs

    I purchased a Kalkhoff Agattu for my wife to use for her local shopping trips in Dec 2007 and it is still being used for shopping two or three times a week. Has done about 10,000 miles and the current battery (13Ah) is now 7yrs old and still looking good. Never had any problems, changed the...
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    Ignoring threads

    Good news (for me)!! For the past 3-4 days, I've no longer got the Brexit thread appearing in the "what's new" or the "new posts" sections? I have done nothing myself to cause this, presumably some site adjustment? While I've no complaints at all with this arrangement, it is not listed in my...
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    Ignoring threads

    How does one now ignore a thread? For over a year I,ve been able to enjoy this forum as a "Brexit-free" escape. After a few months you even forget it exists. So, any help enabling a return to ignoring threads would be a great early Xmas gift and much appreciated!
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    Test ride on a kalkhoff agattu 8 speed

    Hello Tomwal, I'm of a similar age to you and have been riding a step-thru Agattu for the past 8years. I've covered about 5000miles purely for pleasure, and at no great pace, with no problems at all. I've renewed the chain, 1 set of tyres and several sets of brake blocks. The saddle is coming...
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    Leaving the EU

    God help us if this is one of our most "charismatic" politicians!
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    Leaving the EU

    It seems that there are two choices - remain in the EU or will we all go to hell, leave the EU and we will all go to heaven! What a shame that at the moment we have a bunch of uninspiring politicians in all parties?
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    Leaving the EU

    So you agree that we don't have the same voting powers re the EU as we do in relation to our own politicans and so we have lost part of our democratic rights- we now have "democratic underpinning"?
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    Leaving the EU

    Cowardice on the part of who? Those who want outside of the EU or those who think it is best to stay within the EU, the so called unknown or the known? You could argue that going into the "unknown" is the braver option?
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    Leaving the EU

    But we are not going to stay in the "present known", we will be going into an unknown future whether we stay in the EU or not. The future of the EU is now looking more uncertain than it has ever done since it's inception.
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    Leaving the EU

    But at least you can vote our politicians out of office - we don't have the same power re our EU rulers?
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    Leaving the EU

    Is it your opinion or is it a judgement on your part that "Most will vote on very limited issues without knowing all the implications of their choice"? If you are not included in this majority, perhaps you could assist the less well informed? "The price of democracy" never included the...
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    Leaving the EU

    It's a pity the CBI did not say how many billions the EU were making in trade to the UK. Then we could see who benefited most from the 10 billion cost of EU membership?
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    Leaving the EU

    Considering the following known facts (unlike opinions, such as if the UK leaves the EU, the Scots will leave the UK ?) - our economy is doing as well if not better than the rest of Europe, unemployment is lower than the rest of Europe, immigration from the EU to the UK is at record levels, the...
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    Is global warming the con of the century?

    I can well believe that 95% of the world's experts can show the world is warming. Is human activity contributing to climate change? If so,to what degree? Personally I don't think the experts have answered that.
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    Difficulties getting an e-car, Part 2

    What warranty is given for the battery? I have read that some warrantys can be up to 8years or 100,000+ miles.
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    Seeking clarity on the law

    Did anyone else have a smile at this typo? :D:D:D
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    One for those that like their eBikes with a throttle...

    The power station featured in the video is Fawley P.S. - now redundant - on the Solent near Southampton. Brings back memories as I worked there for many years. We used trikes to get around the site, including riding in and out of the lifts, as in the video, to access various floors. Several of...
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    Hello, Wisper 905se city owner here.

    I was interested in an eRace P until I was told a replacement battery was "probably about £750" !!