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  1. timidtom

    Do ebikes take the fun out of cycling ?

    [. So do ebikes take the fun out of cycling what do you think ? With Angina+Asthma+Back pain I'm afraid that cycling had been taken out of cycling! Ebikes put it back again. I've been off road (in the wrong sense) for a little while, having cataracts replaced with clear lenses - brilliant...
  2. timidtom

    Luv the colour combo on these folding electric bikes

    'Buyer pays return postage' - to China!
  3. timidtom

    Latest issue of Watt Bike is out inside Twist and Go magazine

    Like it? They'll love it! Bet they don't let you have it back!
  4. timidtom

    Latest issue of Watt Bike is out inside Twist and Go magazine

    Looks majestic! No, that's a Daimler. Graceful? No, that's a Jaguar ... Quietly impressive? Right, that's a Roller! The personification of good taste!
  5. timidtom

    Big bear for charity

    A delight to read! Like I always say, 99.9999% of the humans on this planet are 100% solid gold! Prosper and thrive! :)
  6. timidtom

    Another Boris Johnson consequence

    When I'm working in West Africa I often spend a few minutes meditating in the War Graves cemetery at Fajara. There are the graves of the British crew of a flying boat which crashed into the sea off the coast of Senegal, the grave of a French colonel of the Foreign legion, and dozens of graves...
  7. timidtom

    Another Boris Johnson consequence

    Let's not worry too much. Enjoy Theme Park Britain while the sun shines and until that nice Mrs May presses the big red button the moment some computer sounds a false alarm and all our worries will be as dust ...
  8. timidtom

    Are ebikes worth the price tag?

    We've had experience of 5 eBikes: 1) A PowerByke, built like a tank, weighed almost as much as one, would climb the wall of a house. Sold it for 50% of initial cost after 2 years. It's weight weighed against it but it was good for 20 mile trips. 2 & 3) We bought matching JuicyBike Classics about...
  9. timidtom

    Ebike cinematic fame?

    Has the eBike really arrived? Has anyone spotted one on screen? I'm excepting consumer TV programmes: has one featured as a mode of transport, been stolen, been an object of desire, taken the place of a car, or simply passed by in the background, in a film or TV series?
  10. timidtom

    Step through bikes

    I'm 80+ but I ain't no lady! Perhaps the beard is a clue?
  11. timidtom

    Newbie introducing myself

    If you can get to Buxton Juicy Bikes have a range of reliable ebikes and will offer you the chance to ride round the town! They have a great after-sales service too. Whatever you decide on do try to ride a variety of bikes before you buy one. Let us know how you go on! Best wishes, Tom
  12. timidtom

    Woosh Gallego

    Thanks, Trex, I'll do that. Tom
  13. timidtom

    Woosh Gallego

    [ I live in hope that I will succumb to the charms of what is, to be honest, a very pretty little bike. Fingers crossed. Me: 80 years, 12 stones, mildly unfit, about 600 miles per year. Short up-date. The pinger on the bell has fallen off and the rear wheel no longer locks into position when...
  14. timidtom

    Do you know how to ride the electric unicycle?

    Brilliant! If tennis players had to ride them whilst on court Wobledum might be worth watching. Possibly ...
  15. timidtom

    Thicko arrived...

    Do the wheels go round?
  16. timidtom

    Insult to Democracy

    What fun this referendum has been: plots, sub-plots and still more to come. It has attracted discussion, meetings of minds, unusual applications of statistics, dreams of Utopia, clerics spouting scripture and all manner of facial contortions by politicians attempting to appear sincere. What will...
  17. timidtom

    Brexit, for once some facts.

    I'm just a tad worried that if Remain win the vote on Thursday all those talented Brexiters will up sticks, resign their jobs and emigrate to Iraq and similar countries and build schools and hospitals there, perhaps never to return to the UK. How will we manage, bereft of such talent? We'll have...