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    Hello, and asking a silly question

    Levers as in brake levers? Cable brakes? Check the cables, as well as the lever pivots. Brakes are important!
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    How much battery sag is too much for a 3 year old battery?

    35V is less than half charge. I would just ride it, and when voltage gets down to that level, keep power demand down to limit sag. Maybe plan for your next battery, purchase before the old one fails, then use the old one when you can, keeping the new one for the more demanding outings.
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    Would fast charging make much difference?

    A while since I looked in detail, but I think they will at least give 6.6kW AC output, about 30A, but remember that's at mains voltage AC, not 36V DC.
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    Would fast charging make much difference?

    One I saw today said 'maximum stay 1 hour', 'no return for 2 hours', £0.57/kWh. Chargeplace Scotland.
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    Would fast charging make much difference?

    These are straightforward, and handle the handshake, but all they provide is a mains outlet, not a direct charge to the battery. You still need your charger.
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    Would fast charging make much difference?

    Given how little a charger weighs, making use of the extensive network of 13A power sockets is the easiest answer. It becomes a relationship management issue then!
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    Would fast charging make much difference?

    Bear in mind the 80 miles in 2 hours is because I am charging two batteries with two chargers, which means there is a spare battery as well as the two chargers to carry. About 5kg. I would have no concerns on charge rate as these are official Shimano chargers, so designed for this use. 4.6A...
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    Would fast charging make much difference?

    Needs some numbers to illustrate. I use three different effective charging rates, depending on circumstances, and the fastest of them gives me 80 miles per day capability with touring gear, in the winter. Slow: standard Shimano 1.8A charger. No use except at home. Medium: Shimano 4.6A charger...
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    Carrera Vengeance Conversion

    I have just been gifted a Voodoo Bizango, and it will not accept a 40+ tooth chainring, so only useful for a hub conversion. Nice bike otherwise.
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    Help us improve our e-bike products!

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    OK, it's not a bike, but it is electric... Bubble cars are back!

    Different health and safety environment back then! The idea made me laugh when I first heard it, and still does!
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    e-bike for heavy person

    You won't be over by much, so most routine non-folding and not step through will likely survive. The motor will be fine, you will just be in a lower gear and slower. Only the physical robustness and adequacy of brakes are significant issues. Four piston brakes solve one of these. Two other...
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    OK, it's not a bike, but it is electric... Bubble cars are back!

    Allegedly, from an owner I used to know, that is why the last generation of front opening bubble cars all had sun roofs!
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    OK, it's not a bike, but it is electric... Bubble cars are back!
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    Replacement controller sought / advice sought

    Anyone who looks at 'whats new' will see posts in all areas - until yours is 'old' enough to be pushed out of the top page! Good news is yours is a KT controller, well regarded, so an equivalent will be available. Bad news might be form factor i.e. shape and size might not match. Worst case is...
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    Has anyone successfully used the 6 year rule for a failed Bosch motor?

    Sounds like something internal can't cope with long periods of inactivity. In the early days, I did wonder how long I should expect a motor to last. Not answered that yet, but 800 miles on one of my trips is only 10 days!
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    Has anyone successfully used the 6 year rule for a failed Bosch motor?

    The only success stories I see (more generally than ebikes) follow media attention. Have a look at consumer champions for a recent case involving an electric Brompton.
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    Faulty battery ?

    When batteries are quite new and of good quality, often it is a connection issue somewhere. I'd double check all connectors in the system, at minimum disconnect/reconnect, just to exercise them all, and stand a chance of spotting anything the slightest bit imperfect. My only issues have been...
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    Help! KT Current Controller

    The 1 to 4.2V range is the controller's expectation of the voltage signal provided by the throttle. Using extremes that are not 0V and 5V means a variety of error conditions can be identified and handled appropriately. This is completely separate from the control algorithm any particular...
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    Camera advice needed

    I recorded a rather quick motorbike a couple of days ago. It passed by in one direction driven so hard it was audible continuously even when out of sight until over a hill and far way. When I heard it coming back there was time to set up the micro tripod and record it passing. Still trying to...