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    Are you thinking of E biking break in the Vale of Belvoir

    We offer a stylish self catering accommodation in the heart of the Vale, close to Belvoir woods and the Viking trail. Plus lots of e-biking trails ,ranging from easy Canal rides to wodland climbs, perfect to discover this little known part of the East Midlands.
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    SyncDrive Yamaha X94Torque sensor

    Any one had a similar fault occur ?? Mine is fitted into a Giant Full E , according to Rutland cycles its a new motor..warranty repair !! Is this a common problem with the X94 ???
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    Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA SL 500 29er 2017 - 21"

    I'm in Stathern , can I come over sometime and check it out ? Not sure how safe this site is to give out contact details..
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    Cube Reaction Hybrid HPA SL 500 29er 2017 - 21"

    Lee, have you sold ??
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    Tubeless ..any advice

    Have a Giant full e mountain bike and Thinking of going tubeless, has anyone any advice/ experience to offer??
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    Giant Full E speedo

    Can anyone advise how to change the speed reading from Kph to proper MPH ? Its the lcd display, I'm led to believe.