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    Be careful what you post.
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    Electric flight
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    HMRC telephone scam

    Doing the rounds again today - beware - ignore. Google for details. HMRC telephone scam
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    New Shimano products

    E6100 Steps motor upgrade Ebike specific5 speed hub with various brake options
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    2 new light bike/systems c/o ebiketips
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    £299 conversion - info c/o ebiketips
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    TQ pin120 drive (mid motor)
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    Cooper E

    Mike Cooper son of John Cooper to launch first electric bike.
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    ExtraEnergy Yearbook 2017

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    Nireeka carbon framed electri bicycle
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    Guernsey first to apply ebike law?
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    Poland's EV4 semi-recumbent electric-assist trike
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    Brompton/Pendix conversion by Kinetics
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    1st steps for Commission to take over control of National Type Approval?
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    Woosh posts excluded from Members, Recent Activity section?

    I enter the forum site via Members, Recent Activity so I can quickly browse only the beginnings of threads without having to enter the section directly as the loading times on some threads can be quite lengthy due to the proliferation of media content . It appears that any posts by Woosh are...
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    Ebike usage research
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    Tern GSD cargo bike

    Review courtesy of Ebiktips:
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    Box bikes
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    China's tiny electric car
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    Chainless Drives