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  1. Geebee

    Who wants to test this?

    Powered 26" front wheel, complete wheel including battery and controller. 312.39 gbp and 5.50 shipping
  2. Geebee

    Cheap light ebike folder

    There is 1 only at this price and I would love to buy it but I have 4 operational ebikes / etrikes and enough bits to build a couple more :)...
  3. Geebee

    New small folder Xiaomi

    Xiaomi had a lot of publicity re their new ebike recently, this is the non carbon fibre version, 786.47 gbp. Key specs Shimano three-speed internal gear hub 14.5 kg (32 pounds) 16-inch wheels Electric motor with up to 20 kph speed 5,800 mAh, 36V battery with 45 km range Bluetooth enabled...
  4. Geebee

    Q85 fault?

    The motor cuts out intermittently, no repeatable cause, starts working again after a random amount of time, nothing seems to help getting it going again it just decides to work. The motor behaves the same when used with all electronics, wiring and battery replaced. Soldering in hub looks good...
  5. Geebee

    Dismantle a Q85?

    I am trying to open up my Q85, I have removed the 3 counter sunk screw, fitted 3 longer ones and tried to rotate it counter clock wise with a decent lever and can't budge the cover, I ended up fitting some higher tensile screws as the first set bent in that attempt, and even they are starting...
  6. Geebee

    A light fast bike hits the market.

    "Freygeist lists weight of the aluminum-framed, carbon-forked 10-speed at 26.5 lb (12 kg)" " Classic for €3,990 (approx. US$4,330) and says that it takes about 21 days for delivery"
  7. Geebee

    This looks like a great idea, not.
  8. Geebee

    Now that is a nice concept e-bike.

    Fast commute anyone :)
  9. Geebee

    Beat Bike controller rating?

    Anyone happen to know the max current rating of the the Beat Bike controller?
  10. Geebee

    Another super bright head light

    $10.77 aud delivered 12 to 80 volt...
  11. Geebee

    This gives an idea of how bad in car phone usage is.

    "Blackberry blackout puts crashes on hold 18 December 2014. If ever evidence was needed of the dangerous mix of drivers and mobile phones, the United Arab Emirates proved it recently when car crashes dropped 40 per cent during a phone outage. The Blackberry still holds 44 per cent of the...
  12. Geebee

    Super light cargo bike

    On kickstarter but by well known names, weight 33lb/15kg could mak a very nice e-cargo bike
  13. Geebee

    12v output converter 36-72v input

    Cheap 36 ~72 v to 12v 10amp output converter, haven't tried it but wil grab one with my next order.
  14. Geebee

    BBS01 brake switch modding

    For anyone wanting to mod brake switches to use with different levers etc. If you cut the lead off the provided hand brakes you will find a red (5v), black (0v) and blue wire (sensor output) , if you short blue and black it activates the brake switch cutting off the motor. So if you wish you can...
  15. Geebee

    First ride with BBS01 on trike

    I just got back from the first ride on my recumbent trike with a BBS01. Ride distance 15.3 km Average speed 24 kph (15 mph) Peak speed 50 kph Elevation gain 309 m Elevation loss 316 m Amps used 4.00 ah watts per km 9.4w (using nominal 36v) The above was with minimal...
  16. Geebee

    This sound promising for cheaper e-biking

    Cheaper batteries soon, yay.
  17. Geebee

    Want an electric truck to transport your bikes?

    This was on Endless-sphere, as they suggested, a group buy and sub 2,000 each plus extras :) If it was in Oz I would be seriously interested.
  18. Geebee

    New Danny Macaskill video

    New Danny Macaskill video, worth putting on the big screen.
  19. Geebee

    Difference in climbing ability Tonaro and BBS01?

    Does anyone know with the same gear inch whether there would be much difference in the climbing ability between a Tonaro and a BBS01?