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    17mph only 500w wheel

    Hi, i bought a voilimart front wheel 500w conversion via ebay. It seems to work fine. With a 36v 15ah battery. But i have had the two blue wires arrached thinking thats the restriction, it went about 17mph. But when i unplug this wire.. no difference in speed, the same 17mph. Any ideas, Or is...
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    2nd time here

    Hi.. well after doing the dabbling in this forum a while ago and forgetting about it, i decided to turn my old Gary Fisher Mamba in to an Ebike. I bought a voilamart 500 front wheel conversion. It took me most of the day on and off as i also changed the front v brakes, cables, gear shifters...
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    e bike newbie Cyclamatic or Woosh?

    Hi Im new to this electric bike thing and was hoping someone could give help or an opinion on my questions. Im sure some answers could be found via the search function but sadly my phone is very slow and keeps crashing on this site, Im unsure if its the graphics or formatting but it does not...