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    Short front mudguards

    I was looking at the latest edition of Cycling (CTC magazine) and noticed so many of the bikes in it had front mudguards that ended way above the riders shoes. This seems to be the latest fad, even the Francis Barnett ebike, a traditional style cycle has a short front mudguard. Yet a quick look...
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    Pneumatic brakes

    the After the discussion on merits of cable/hydraulic and also rim and disc brakes, thought you all might like to see this
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    London cycling

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    Are handlebar gear changers back to front

    At present I am suffering from an aching thumb joint thanks to my Shimano 'thumb' gear changer. It seems to me that from an ergonomic point of view, the system where you have to push the lever away from you against the spring is all wrong. The reason is that except for your hand gripping the...
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    Steering Damper

    I have seen this on a couple of bikes,just a spring from the fork to the sloping tube. Has anyone ever used one and if so, what did you think of it?
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    Sqeaking brakes

    I am getting fed up with adjusting my Avid BB7 disc brakes. I set them just right, but within a few miles they are squeaking. Seriously thinking of fitting rim brakes.
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    Quick release coming undone on its own

    Never heard of this before, but twice in the last 4 weeks I have found my front wheel loose. I tightened up the nut and lever both times and am now keeping a watch on it. I am certain that the bike has not been tampered with, the rear wheel and saddle clamp are as firm as ever. Any ideas anyone?
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    Don't look now but it's helmets yet again

    Very informative video
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    Re: 2 Speed Xiongda hubmotor

    Strange that we have not heard any more about this motor. I got very excited years ago when d8veh reported on one that he bought and anticipated that our ebike shops would soon be offering it. But......silence.
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    Naughty.......but useful!
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    Broken spokes

    Just broke 2 more after years of no problems because I regularly ping, I suspect that it is metal fatigue, both spokes as usual, went at the J bend. I hear that it can be helpful to oil the bend so that the spoke can make minute movements. But because of the need to remove the tyre etc. to...
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    What happened to the 2 speed hub?

    Some years ago d8veh posted about a new 2 speed hub motor and was full of its praises, so I expected to see new bikes offered for sale with 2 speed motors, but nothing seems to have happened.
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    Dutch cycle testing

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    Threat to ban cycling on A63.
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    Threat to bam cycling on A63.
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    Brake pads

    My Avid BB7 needs new pads, but what type? Sintered, semi-metal, organic?
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    Dutch view of cycling law

    Have we got it wrong? They make the point that concentrating only on cycling infrastructure is not enough.
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    Seattle Police Bikes

    Apologies for the political nature of this demonstration in the USA, but I thought that members might be very interested to see just how many Seattle Police are using bikes and the way that they line them up to make a moving barricade.
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    Exactly what is the 'Rat trap' for

    Many cycle pannier racks including both of my own have a very strong spring device looking like a large trap for rats. How is this supposed to work? Other than a newspaper or something thin, I cannot see how else it operates.
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    Worth watching