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    UPS use electric trikes in Europe

    Hi just found interesting link and web site for information UPS/FedEx using E-Trikes for delivery in Europe | ELECTRICBIKE.COM And WOW Frank
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    New Cell Checker

    Hi these have just arived in the UK 1/8 cell checker only £6.99 + delivery 2-8S Cell Checker - LV Alarm Lipo/Li-ion/LiMn/LifePO4 + Wires May need 2 for most packs Frank
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    New 70 volt kit

    Hi we have now finished our new 70 volt kit It is mounted in the kube and has a 15AH 70 Volt battery and a 50AMP controller it produced a true 3,000 watts and exceeds 40 MPH NO pedalling It comes with a 8 Amp charger It will be on our web site in the next 2 weeks Cost for Kit...
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    You are posting on the part off the fourm

    Hi I Never look in hear just looked to find loads off members asking questions NOTHING TO DO with introducing yourself If you want responses Please Go to the Right Part off the Forum You will get a better response Sorry to rant on just trying to help Frank
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    new 2014 haibike xduro FS Ebike on ebay

    Hi new 2014 haibike xduro FS Ebike on Ebay Ex demo They have new ones for sale I am sure they will do better if they dont have Ebay charges and paypal new 2014 haibike xduro Ebike - electric mountain bike - with rockshox and fox | eBay New 2014 Haibike Xduro AMT Electric mountain...
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    New site with loads off info including Solar bikes

    Hi Just found this site LOADS off info Search through all you will ever need on motors batteries and MORE and solar bikes Home same site nice brake lever conversion to add a brake cut off switch Brake switch Hope this is off interest Frank
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    4.3 mm thick inner tubes

    Hi Just bought some off the inner tubes Thorn proof 4.3 MM thick they have arrived the look great heavy but robust Band new Kenda thornproof 26" inner tube. 4.3mm rubber. Heavy duty RRP £10 each | eBay Frank
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    36 volt rack battery

    Hi Just see this on Ebay with BMS in china putting up the shipping chargers this looks good price £209 delivered 36 volt 10ah they also sell chargers and Bottle Batteries 1set 36V10Ah Lithium-ion EB electric bike battery with BMS flat type Al case | eBay...
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    NewPanasonic battery

    Hi on Ebay New 8 ah battery £200 he says in his add he has 10AH and 18 AH as well Panasonic 8AH ebike/electric bike battery for Spencer Ivy, Kalkhoff, Raleigh | eBay Frank
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    Electric bike kit 48v 450w brushless new upgraded mid drive motor,

    Hi New Mid drive kit UK supplier 48 volt 450 watts ELECTRIC BIKE KIT 48V 450W BRUSHLESS NEW UPGRADED MID DRIVE MOTOR, NO BATTERY | eBay Frank
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    Electric bike kit 36v 350w brushless new upgraded mid drive motor,

    Hi 36 volt mid drive motor and other kits UK supplier ELECTRIC BIKE KIT 36V 350W BRUSHLESS NEW UPGRADED MID DRIVE MOTOR, NO BATTERY | eBay Frank
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    replacement ultra motor A2B electric bike battery 36v 10h Lithium - LG cells

    Hi Just see this on Ebay new batteries £250 replacement ultra motor A2B electric bike battery 36v 10h Lithium - LG cells | eBay Frank
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    Just thought I would be first to post on new thread Frank
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    Hi Just thought I would be the first to post on the new thread Frank
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    New crank drive motor

    Hi New centre drive motor for next year by Continental uses Drive belt Continental debuts e-bike drive system at Eurobike | Bicycle Business | BikeBiz Frank
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    headway cells

    Hi Just found some Headway cells on Ebay 10AH make Good Battery Packs £9 each postage only£4 for first cell then Free They have lots for sale 12 x will give you a good 10AH pack Headway 38120S 10Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate LifePo4 Cell | eBay link for 30 A BMS...
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    Ride on Xipi 1500 watt

    One off our customers just posted a short ride on his 1500 watt conversion it starts off boring then he goes off road Total Mental just search you tube for Xipi Frank
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    sports direct

    Hi Sports direct have bought out another sports supplier and are clearing out stocks up to 80% off example Slazenger polo shirts £ 3 Sizes up to xxxxl Slazenger Tipped T Shirt Mens - Mens Polo Shirts - Mens - Electric bike £399...
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    Hi Just came across This Bike Siren Not bad price runs off pp3 9 volt battery bike/cycle siren police/fire engine/ambulance | eBay Frank
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    Practical Cycles

    Hi Just had a email from Practical cycles Large range off bike mainly cargo bikes worth a look cargo bikes work bikes child transportation bikes - HOME Great site a quote from there site Put simply our mantra is that, "you can do more by bike and do even more by cargo bike"! Go on -...