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  1. Stu33

    Installing battery under frame?

    Hey, I`m thinking of converting an old rockrider 6.3 the battery wont fit in the frame though,i found a couple of photos of batteries installed upside down, like the photo below,has anyone tried this? The only thing i can think of is installing some rivet nuts underneath and using straps to...
  2. Stu33

    Bottom bracket needed for wisper 905 se 2008

    Hi, I need a bottom bracket for a wisper 905 se, 2008, 174mm , someone suggestead halfords but i dont see it there, and wisper dont have it, regards, Stuart
  3. Stu33

    Cyclotricity conversion kits, anygood?

    Hi, I was wondering are people pleased with their conversion kits from cyclotricity? Stuart
  4. Stu33

    need chain for wisper 905

    Hi, I dont know about these things, is this ok for a replacement for a wisper 905 chain? regards, Stuart
  5. Stu33

    ebay ebike kit, anygood?

    Hi, My rear wheel hub motor was damaged, the original kit was £240, but i dont want to spend that much, I was looking on ebay but i`m not sure what they mean by "Still remain the full 1000W power with no speed control.(Only for Pedal Assist...
  6. Stu33

    Battery needs new fuse.....companys gone bust.....

    Hi, I have a battery I bought from but they`ve gone bust now, i`ll upload some photos of it, the ceramic fuse has blown its 3cm long,I took it to an auto place they said maybe try a 3cm 2amp fuse, but it if blows a 5amp, does this seem good advice...
  7. Stu33

    lights powered from ebattery?

    Hi,I bought a new ebike kit a few months ago, from its been working fine, it came with a front light which connects to the controller, this wasnt mentioned in the kit description so it was a nice surprise, i wouldnt say its super bright, just medium, they also have...
  8. Stu33

    new downtube battery,how to detach plate anyone?

    Hi , I bought a new battery 48v 17ah it has no instructions , its the same as this can someone please tell me how to detach the mounting bracket? I see where the key is it shows an unlock icon, but when i turn it clockwise it wont stay in place it keeps going back to the unlock position...
  9. Stu33

    ebike kit, would this battery work for it?

    Hi , I bought a 1000w kit off off 18 months ago, had some problems with the battery though,its in for repairs at the moment, i was wondering would this work with my kit? all i know about my original battery is that its 48 v...
  10. Stu33

    chain ring gaurd for wisper 905?

    Hi, I have a wisper 905 the frames about 10 yrs old, the chain ring guard has broken, does anyone know where I can get one? i`ve been looking online they all seem too small, i`ve measured the one off the wisper 905, its 22.5 cm wide, the inside width is 18.5 cm, hope someone can help...
  11. Stu33

    converting carrera kraken..back wheel came off :-|

    Hi, So I`ve been converting a carrera kraken using a conversion kit from (rear wheel kit), it seemed to be working ok when i tested it, but then I accidently put too much power on the throttle and the front wheel went up in the air like a wheely and it...
  12. Stu33

    converted old bike,but it wont pedal correctly

    Hi, I converted an old bike with a conversion kit recently,the throttle is fine,but somethings gone wrong with the pedal system, when i test it in the house and push the pedals by hand it seems ok and the pedal assist kicks in also, but when I get outside and try and ride it theres something...
  13. Stu33

    good bike to convert with disc brakes under £400?

    Hi, So i bought a conversion kit, I like it , though i`m using an old bike with V brakes, i`d really like to convert something with disc brakes and pannier holes as the battery is a rack battery, any suggestions on a decent off road bike that can handle bumps well for less than £400 with 26"...
  14. Stu33

    So,can I return it if I don`t like it?

    Hi, I`m thinking of buying a new electric bike next week, a cyclotricity stealth, but i`m unable to find anywhere that actually has one to test unless its 120 miles away,they keep telling me they have to order it.... So if I did`nt like it, could i return it? When i speak to bike sellers they...
  15. Stu33

    Zipper Z3 ebike, anyone tried one?

    hey, So my wisper 905 has bit the dust,it was 8 yrs old though. was looking at something cheaper for use in the short term, came accross this on a few websites I...
  16. Stu33

    whisper 905 in trouble, battery wont unlock from frame,power assist mode not working properly.

    Hi, I have a whisper 905 the oldest model with a kettle plug,i think it may be on its last legs, but maybe people can give me some advice, the peddle assist doesnt seem to be working properly it keeps working for 1 or 2 seconds then stopping for 1 or 2 seconds this has only happened in the last...
  17. Stu33

    Wisper 905 spokes needed anyone know where I can get them?

    Hi, I need some spokes for the back wheel of my wisper 905 works se,8 year old model, they are 200mm 13gauge spokes, I rang half a dozen places no joy, amp ,ebikes direct & powarider said they`d ring me back...... does anyone know where I can get spokes this size? the closest thing i could...
  18. Stu33

    can I bypass the ignition on a wisper 905 battery?

    Hi, so i have a 7 yr old wisper 905, but the ignition switch kept giving me problems, now it wont start, can i connect the 2 wires that go into the ignition switch together? i`m guessing this will make the bike auto start? i want to test if the battery is actually working or not..someone said I...
  19. Stu33

    wisper 905 ignition socket problem

    Hi, I have a 7 yr old wisper 905 , the ignition socket where the key fits in is slowly failing,for a few months it has`nt clicked when i turn it to the red dot ,it usually rotates past this point & it wont start, so i have to turn it back then turn it slowly until i feel a click...
  20. Stu33

    wisper 905 parts..

    Hi , I need a throttle for an old 2008 wisper 905, does anyone know a site that has parts for the wisper 905? I did have a website but lost it, they sold all sorts fuses, old throttles etc. hope someone can help, Stu