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    Police ebike checks.

    The 'walkydog' is a metal bar attached to the seat tube. I had an elastic lead, with a small amount of stretch, on the end of the bar. Only used for short distances and at a speed that the dog is 'trotting'. My dogs are trained to be off the lead nearly all of the time and ignore other dogs...
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    Police ebike checks.

    Just because he/she doesn't have the power/right to demand it. I assist/comply whenever I feel the request/demand is reasonable.
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    Inverters and charging your eMTB

    Disclaimer:- I am a total mechanical, electrical and DIY numpty. Motorhomed with batteries ( 4 x 125Ah ), 2 x 75W solar panels, inverter ( 3KW peak 1.75KW constant ) and Sterling B2B charger for 10 years. Firm fitting all the above said a pure sine wasn't necessary. They said would replace...
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    Police ebike checks.

    I was a policeman for 30 years retiring 22 years ago. If I wanted something but didn't have the power to demand it I used the 'bullshit baffles brains' method. Most of the time it worked. A couple of years after retiring it was my practice to cycle with my dog off the lead on the footpath. In...
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    Close passing

    I was taught to drive cars on a 5 week course in the police. I was taught that in defensive driving ownership of a section of road is essential. It discourages inappropriate manoeuvres by other road users. I also drove HGVs, artics & rigids, for several years. Ownership of a section of road was...
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    Is my maths correct?

    Fogstar have a reputaion, on vaping forums, similar to Woosh on this forum. i.e they only sell genuine stuff
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    Nuvinci H sync fixed - maybe - thanks

    Got the trike back and the brakes & gears are better than when it was new. However although I'm pleased with what they did they couldn't organise the proverbial party in a brewery. I wanted a new suspension seatpost and it was delivered to them but someone sent it back because it had been...
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    Nuvinci H sync fixed - maybe - thanks

    I don't use Facebook but will get one of the kids or grandkids to let me look at the group page.
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    Nuvinci H sync fixed - maybe - thanks

    My cargo trike is currently with DC Cycles in Bevois Valley, Southampton. I was surprised to find they are on the first floor above a car servicing workshop. 2 wheeled bikes are carried up to the workshop but they are working on mine in the car workshop. It's in for a problem with the...
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    Advice on e bike suitability for chronic pain/fatigue

    If you change your mind the distance wouldn't be a problem as I trike it to Fareham once a month, depending on the weather.
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    Advice on e bike suitability for chronic pain/fatigue

    Depending on where you are in Hants I could ride my trike to you. It has a rear hub motor and cadence sensor so I can turn the power up and just turn the pedals, with hardly any effort, to keep the power going. I'm not suggesting you need a trike but it would let you discover if this power...
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    Bike horns

    There is no legal requirement to have a warning device on a bicycle.
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    Small Dog Carrier

    Motorhomed with dogs & cycles for 20 years. Started just with dog running alongside. Restrictive on speed & distance. Next was a 2 wheel trailer. Had to disconnect at locked gates & stiles. Next was the WalkyDog Great for busy areas but again...
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    Home Multi Gym's

    As a fair weather cyclist I didn't use the trike enough last winter & put on weight & lost some fitness. I did 10 cardio rehab sessions 3 years ago after an operation. No room for a multi gym so I have just had some hop up steps made as that was the smallest equipment that I enjoyed using. I...
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    I love this!

    That's the result of spending so much time in outer space.
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    Extra Battery Dilemma.

    Toured Europe in a Hymer Motorhome for 3 months each year for 10 years. Never stayed on campsites just cycling & walking the dog in the hills & mountains. 4 X 125Ah leisure batteries, 150W solar panels, Sterling B2B charger and an inverter that I can't remember the details of. The batteries...
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    My only experience of pedelecs is 3000 miles on a Boxer Cargo Tricycle. I have cycled since a kid but never had skinny wheels or drop handlebars. So I am a 70 year old plodder who hasn't ridden on 2 wheels for 5 years. I'm interested in Swytch to fit to a folder with hub gears to use taking the...
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    SD Card Anonmoly

    31.5GB I'll get my coat.
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    Should I go sensible or out right fun? BBSHD vs TSDZ2 350w

    The ride is Bitterne to Whitely via Swannick. This is roughly the map:,-1.3463362/Whiteley+Way,+Whiteley,+Fareham+PO15+7PD/@50.891614,-1.298424,13.61z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x48746efdedd279a5:0xb81a78ec6fa673e2!2m2!1d-1.2453365!2d50.8802197!3e1...
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    Should I go sensible or out right fun? BBSHD vs TSDZ2 350w

    Looked on Google, toughest hill for my commute is 187ft climb over 1mile which works out as 3.5% gradient. I think thats pretty low compared to some of the figures people mention on here that are 10%+ Which hill? I've ridden most in Soton on a hub motor cargo trike.