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    Battery Advice needed please !

    Hi you can use 2 x 12 volt lead acid batteries Frank
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    Bike kits

    Hi you dont need brake cut out switches if you dont use pedal sensor the reason is with pedal sensor you get over run when the controller need time to see you have stopped tuning the pedals we never use brake cut outs even on our new 3,500 watt kit as we NEVE use pedal sensor Frank
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    12 volt 20ah lithium battery ?

    Hi you need 1 X Bms 1 x Charger and 4 X cells to make a 15AH pack or 8 to make 30AH pack or 16 to make a 60Ah pack the headway cells have screw ends so no soldering onto the batteries for a small charge Eclipse may make it for you try them Frank
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    12 volt 20ah lithium battery ?

    Hi Link for 12v or make your own
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    Faulty battery, 20ah/36v shrink wrap.

    Hi used this supplier he delivers on time Frank
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    Faulty battery, 20ah/36v shrink wrap.

    yes Mike they used to fit a 20/40 BMS Frank
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    Faulty battery, 20ah/36v shrink wrap.

    Hi It is a 36 volts you can see the 10 balancing resistors not 13 Simple the BMS is to small you are taking out to many amps and it is doing its job cutting the battery out you need a more powerful BMS The BMS they fitted is 15 amps continues MAX 30 amps for seconds only Frank
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    Sourcing battery cells

    Hi only UK supplier off high power batteries or cells Hope this helps Frank
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    Can anyone recommend a good bike for hill climbing and distance

    Hi Jon Our silent wing will do the job Give me a call Frank
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    BH Emotion serious problems

    Hi we fit mavic rims and 13G spokes and our motors are 3,000 watts link for rims and man with spoke machine 26 inch Mavic EN321 Disc MTB Rim 2014 | Chain Reaction Cycles 700 c or 29 er Home/About Us Mavic TN317 29er MTB Disc Rim 2013 | Chain Reaction Cycles Frank
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    BH Emotion serious problems

    Hi Man with spoke machine 13G spokes £27 for 36 +postage + nippels he takes cards over the telephone Home/About Us Frank
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    Does the forum need a name change or change of emphasis.

    Hi you are all a bit behind the times our new bike now has a top speed no pedalling with a 20 stone rider 40MPH + 3500 watts £4500 Frank
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    Recommend me a cheap bike

    Hi Speak to Hatti she wont sell you the wrong bike loverly honest lady Frank
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    Recommend me a cheap bike

    Hi The best price and spec on the market hatti sells direct so no dealer margins and big bum seat and throttel £799 deliverd give her a call she may do you a deal Great lady and superb SPPORT Woosh Sirocco 2 | Electric Bikes from Woosh | electric bike sales & hire Hope that...
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    Eva XH5 or XiPi Diamondback or Other ?

    Hi Jonny I see you have joined It is monday in the Xipi workshop I am up and working Welcom to the fourm I am biulding a Ridgeback X04 this week so will have photos soon Frank
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    Battery/controller - new in-frame style

    Hi We have a simular product coming early next year 48 volt 10AH with our baby 500 watt CST motor Frank
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    Electric bike advice please

    Hi That is our demo bike done 60 miles full price £4,500 the bike cost £1200 fitting £300 the kit £3000 we can fit to other bikes and one a customer supplies Must be NEW We spent 6 months developing at a cost off £50,000 Get on the bike with a 20 stone rider twist the...
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    Electric bike advice please

    Hi Jamie Hope you got a good deal in its class great bike Frank
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    Electric bike advice please

    Hi Jamie Shame we have a ex demo specilized Bike cost 1,200 21 inch frame fited with our 40 MPH 3500 watt KIT bike ready to go £3500 done 60 miles Frank
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    Stromer ST1Platinum.

    Hi we make a 48 volt 2.500 watt 30 mph bike and a 70 volt 3500 watt bike if you send me a mail at I will contact a customer in Aberdeen to see if he will let you have a test ride on his 48 volt 2.500 watt 30 MPH bike we delivered the bike about 3 weeks ago...