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    My only experience of pedelecs is 3000 miles on a Boxer Cargo Tricycle. I have cycled since a kid but never had skinny wheels or drop handlebars. So I am a 70 year old plodder who hasn't ridden on 2 wheels for 5 years. I'm interested in Swytch to fit to a folder with hub gears to use taking the...
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    Shared paths

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    Time for a new battery

    I've had a Boxer Cargo Trike for 2 years. I got an extra battery when I bought it. Used them alternately for a total of 2200 miles. After reading about batteries on this forum I wasn't expecting them to last too long. The motor is a 36v 250W rear hub and the batteries are labelled 20V 4400mAh...
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    Rear wheel puncture on cargo trike

    Had 1st rear wheel puncture in 2000 miles on my Boxer cargo trike a couple of days ago. Fortunately it was 400 metres from home so I walk assisted it back to base. I read on here how easy it is to deal with. Being a cack handed practical numpty ( if the grandchildren see me with a screwdriver...
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    Bosch or Ryobi

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    Longtime Lurker signing in

    68 yrs young, 5' 8", 13 st, 29" inside leg. I know someone will ask when I give mileage. 2003 to 2013 I would take my motorhome to Portugal/Italy/France for 2 or 3 winter months. I didn't use campsites but went up into the hills walking & cycling with my dog. No the dog didn't have a bike. I...