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    For sale, 250W Road Legal Alien Ocean 700c Kit

    item number 260850392820 link: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Description in the auction listing. Hope to get around £200
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    Another Newspaper Article - E Bikes

    Testing a rather expensive crank driven mountain bike How e-bikes got sexy | Peter Walker | Environment |
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    tyre exploded

    Earlier this week I was sat in the office and heard a huge bang from the car park. It turned out my rear tyre had exploded whilst stood in the sun! The tyre must have popped off the rim, rather than exploding, beacause I've replaced the tube and am now reusing the tyre. The bead on the...
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    Ever Weighed Your Ebike?

    I was pleased to discover mine weighs 24.1kg including lights, rack, battery, and both mudguards. Its a 36v bafang 8fun 250W conversion from alien ocean how heavy is yours?